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Now Boarding : Experiencing Singapore Through Travel , 1800s-2000s Review

 Now Boarding: Experiencing Singapore through Travel has arrived. 

Get ready for a travel sensory overload as this exhibition offers perspective about Singapore as a popular destination for travellers across two centuries. 

Set against the backdrop of Singapore's colonial past and its post-independence to the present day, this specially curated exhibition with close to 600 material culture and visual icons opens up insights as to why the republic has been a draw for visitors through the passage of time.

Now Boarding National Museum of Singapore

Time for Boarding

Solari Board National Museum

Step inside the National Museum of Singapore, and you will be greeted by the iconic Changi Airport flight information display flip board. This Solari board stood at 5.3 meters and was part of the Changi Airport Terminal 2 before decommissioning. This sets the mood for the rest of this travel-related exhibition.

Now boarding

The main exhibition is located in basement one. It consists of 4 main sections that visitors can explore at their own pace. 

"1st Class " Ticket

Getting Around

Getting Around

The first stop explores Singapore's reputation as a global hub. 

Old Posters

You will be greeted by colourful travel posters of the early 20th century that painted Singapore as part of the exotic Far East. 

A380 First Class

Look out for the 1st class cabin seat from A380 with the iconic kebaya standing next to the cabin.


A trishaw is also on display as a nod to the main mode of Singapore's transportation for almost five decades since the late 19th century.


The MRT of today is not forgotten with the exhibits of MRT cards.

Places to stay

Places to Stay

This stop gives a glimpse of the various accommodation offering in Singapore. 

Raffles Hotel Doorman

Raffles Hotel has always been symbolic of Singapore and played a prominent role in the romanticised visions of Singapore as the "Exotic East". You will get to see the iconic doorman uniform that is still in use today.

Hotel Relics

There are also interesting hotel relics.

45 Old and Current Hotel

Including this throne from New Majesty Hotel from the Pink Parlour room.

The Throne

The section takes a full circle from past to present with a poster of Crazy Rich Asians and its association with MBS.

Crazy Rich Asians

Eating Out

Eating Out

The 3rd stop highlights Singapore's culinary landscape.

Eating Out

See the range of kitchen utensils and tools used by hawkers past.

Spot homegrown brands

Spot the homegrown brands such as Fraser & Neave and Tiger Beer.

Sights and Shopping

The final section brings visitors to the rest of Singapore.

Orchard Road

Singapore is known as a shopping paradise, and the best place to shop for branded goods will be at Orchard Road.


As for sightseeing, you get a glimpse of popular attractions such as Night Safari, Hwa Par Villa, Sentosa and Merlion.


Last, but not least, it is a throwback to popular and iconic nightspots in Singapore.


The museum managed to acquire Zouk and Neptune Theatre signs. Both are well known among the older local folks. The first is undoubtedly the most popular nightspot in the 90s, while the latter is well known as Singapore's theatre restaurant for topless shows.

Side Attractions

Letter box

As part of the exhibition experience, visitors are also invited to share their personal impressions of Singapore through digital kiosks. A limited edition postcard is available via a donation to the museum. Visitors can send the postcards anywhere in the world via the Singapore POst mailbox outside the exhibition gallery. 

Pop Up experience

There are complimentary pop-up rooms around the museum's spaces to try out too. The first of many to come will be the disco-themed room. 

Let's Dance

Do check it out when you are there. 

Activity Book

Do pick up an activity booklet for children ages 7 an up. It contains information about the exhibition and a guide to the exhibition.

Now Boarding: Experiencing Singapore Through Travel will open its doors on May 27. 

Solari Board National Museum

Entrance is free for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residences ( Present IC for screening). Children under 6 enjoy free admission as well.  Tourist and Foreign Residents' admission prices will be $18 for adults and $14 for seniors and students.

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