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Get Curious! All About Food @ National Museum Of Singapore

National Museum is All About Food this Children's Season.

As part of this exhibition, Get Curious! All About Food installation will open to the public from 27 May to 25 June. 

There are five food-themed interactive installations to explore and learn through play.

Stop 1: Buying and Selling Food

Takes you through the old ways of buying food from the streets to the current way of getting your food from the supermarket

Stop 2: Preparing the Food 

Experience how food is prepared in the past and the modern time.

Stop 3:Cooking Food

Food cooking methods have evolved over time. Take a look at the past and see how it changes.

Stop 4: Packaging Food

Learn more about the packaging of food

Stop 5 : Consuming Food

Find out more about the hawker centres and local favourite food. 

There are also 2 special showcases

"This is What We Eat at Home"

A photography showcase by 3Pumpkins.

"My Favourite Traditional Snack"

Featuring artworks by students from APSB Chaoyang School

The exhibition is recommended for younger kids aged 3 and up. No registration is required, and it is free to explore. 

There are other activities for Children's Season at the Museum. It includes craft activities, Wanderfood Trail and more. Check out the full listing here.

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