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Tian Wang Desserts : The Sweet Spot for Desserts

Got a  sweet tooth? 

If you are along Jalan Besar for a meal in one of the restaurants lining the stretch, you must finish your meal with desserts at TianWang Desserts. 

After a hearty meal in a nearby restaurant, we spotted this bright corner dessert store.

The first thing that struck us was the wall of Mahjong tiles. Its decor is already Tiktok / Instagram friendly with bright neon lights signs on the walls.

TianWang Dessert Jln Besar

The other thing that caught our eye was the crowd. It was a full house inside the shop that sat around thirty pax. Luckily there is still some outdoor seat available.

Customers are provided a menu to choose the dessert. We were impressed with the range of desserts.

There are traditional desserts like mango sago and yam paste.

What caught our eye was the unique range of desserts that we hardly see in other places. They have passionfruit soursop sago, Matcha Snow ice with Azuki Red Beans and their house speciality, durian desserts!

It was a hard decision, and in the end, we chose the Tianwang Signature Durian Mousse and Matcha Snow Ice. Unlike other restaurants, you have to go to the counter to make your order. The dessert came quick despite the big crowd.

Durian Mousse

The signature Durian Mousse comes in two different versions. You have the D24 Durian Mousse and the Mao Shan Wang Durian Mousse. If you prefer sweet over bitter, choose the D24. You can also opt for a single or double scoop of durian.

While the dessert was sweet, the durian was very flavourful. This is the quality durian that they used to make the dessert. Even with a single scoop, the aroma was very distinct.

Matcha Snow Ice

The Matcha Snow ice was refreshing. If you love Green Tea, you would like this dessert. With the recent heatwave in town, this would be a great dessert to cool off after a meal.


A dessert store with a Mahjong theme may be a tad confusing, but it works for Tian Wang. The little things like a wall of mahjong tiles and mahjong tile rubik cubes for customers to try while waiting for desserts are quirky but interesting touches. We do wish the place was bigger to cater to a larger crowd. Desserts are priced reasonably, with most desserts below $10. 

We like the variety and the wacky setup. Would be back for more!

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