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Sudio F2 Portable Speaker Review: Tiny Size, Big Sound


We were blown away the moment we heard the sounds from Sudio F2.

Sudio F2 is the latest portable speaker from Sudio. Sudio is an established Sound brand from Sweden well known for its wireless earbuds, headphones and portable speakers.

Sudio F2

Sudio F2 is the second creation of its portable speakers and is set to literally bring the house down... literally. The moment I turned the speaker up, I was instantaneously transported to a rock concert, never mind that the song playing was just a jazzy tune.

While we had tested the Sudio Femtio and found it great for jazzy tunes due to its clear vocals and low bass, the F2 is a different beast. 

The most outstanding feature would be the rumbling bass. You can feel every beat from this little boom box. It's so powerful that even the F2 moves along with it. If you want a party in the room, the F2 is the one to get. Vocals are clear, while mids tend to get overwhelmed by the strong bass.

As for connectivity, you can pair up to 100 F2s Together, creating a sound that is good enough for a mini-concert in a school hall. It's easy to connect to the unit via Bluetooth, and if needed, you can connect via the AUX 3.5 mm input for your cassette players if you have one. Bluetooth range is a good 10 meters.

If you prefer to use it at home, this is a certified fit for a shower with a waterproof rating of IPX7. Singing in the Shower will now be a concert performance with its acoustics. 

The Sudio F2 is priced right at $129 per block. As a special treat for our readers, get a 15% discount when you quote WACKYDUO15 . The offer last for a limited time.

Get your Sudio F2 here

TWD was provided with a set for review. All views expressed are our own. 

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