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Chuan Wei Xuan Review: Spicy Sichuan Delight


"Honey, I want spicy food."

That was the missus order for our regular weekend date. 

Chuan Wei Xuan was among the first to appear on Google Search when we searched for the top Sichuan restaurant in Singapore. Located along the popular food street of the East-  Joo Chiat Road, this restaurant has a relatively modest shop front that would easily be overlooked.


Nested on the five-foot way of a row of older shop/residential houses, Chuan Wei Xuan is in the middle of Joo Chiat Road between East Coast Road and the famous  Peranakan Houses of Katong. There is an open-air carpark opposite the road and kerbside parking for convenience.

Chuan Wei Xuan

Step into Chuan Wei Xuan, and you will be forgiven for thinking you have returned to the past. Unlike the swanky new decor of Joo Chiat eateries, this restaurant has a deliberate 1990s vibe. With white walls, dark vinyl wood floors and red cushion seats, it is the classic Chinese restaurant looks of yesteryears.

Restaurants with warning signs of peak hour waiting time typically signal that it is a popular restaurants. We could not wait to savour the food.


Sichuan restaurants are known for their spicy and sour fare. So this is what we will be having for the day. We ordered 3 main dishes, and the portions were surprisingly large. So 3 dishes, a meat, a soup and vegetable would be sufficient for two.

Sichuan Spicy Popcorn Chicken

Chuan Wei Xuan's signature dish is an absolute must-try for all food enthusiasts. Their popcorn chicken is a true delight with its irresistible crispiness, satisfying crunch, and delightful freshness. When it arrives at your table, you'll be amazed by the generous portion that seems like a massive plate, but fear not, because half of it is actually chilli. Best popcorn we had in terms of texture and taste.

Pork Slices with Lettuce

If you're looking for a milder option on the menu, you'll be pleased to find a delightful dish that perfectly fits the bill. The tender pork slices paired with ample amounts of fresh lettuce create a satisfying combination. With its gentle spices, this dish is an excellent complement to the spicier popcorn chicken. It strikes a harmonious balance, allowing you to savour the flavours without overwhelming your taste buds.

Sichun Fish with Pickled Mustard Green

If you're a fan of sourish dishes, then this fish soup is an absolute gem. As recommended by the Missus, who has a discerning taste for sour cuisine, this soup hits all the right notes onflavour and taste. It's a delightful combination that will satisfy your cravings for that tangy and zesty sensation.      


We had barely scratched the surface regarding the offerings, but we were pleased with our chosen selections. In terms of taste, it is as authentic as it should be. While the decor could be a hit and miss depending on your age group, with many more dishes yet to try, we will return for seconds!

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