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Cosentino - Decennium Review : The Greatest Live Magic Show

Cosentino is back in town!

Step into the enchanting world of magic, where illusion becomes the new reality. We had the privilege of attending the opening night of this mesmerizing experience, and Cosentino has exceeded our expectations for a magic show. This is his second visit to Singapore since 2017, and he's back with bigger and new acts to captivate the audience.

 Here’s why we love it 

Charismatic Showmanship

It’s not just the magic; it’s the man. From the get-go, this is not your ‘normal’ magic show where you would be entertained by the magic tricks. Cosentino doesn't just weld magic; he oozes charm from the moment he steps on stage till the final curtain call.

His banter, quick wit, and seamless engagement with the audience turn his performance into an intimate affair. The audience is drawn in by his charms. Add the glamour of dance and stage lighting, and the Sands Theater is turned into a magician's den.

Credit: Base Asia Entertainment

Cosentino became an overnight sensation through Australian Got Talent a decade ago. This show is a celebration of the things he has achieved over the decade, which include full-house performances, price time TV specials and even a feature in a Hollywood movie.

Magic Galore

Prepare for a night that's more than meets the eye!

Credit: Base Asia Entertainment

Intertwined with disappearing acts are mind-boggling feats of sleigh of hand, mentalist acts that defy belief, and heart-stopping escapes that put you at the edge of your seats. Cosentino shows he has more in his bag of tricks than what one may expect.

Credit: Base Asia Entertainment

While it may be a solo act, the sheer breadth of his performances could easily fill the shoes of an entire troupe of magican.

There is a good balance of familiar and new magic acts. Standout moments involved the audience directly and seamlessly dictate the outcome of the magic in an unfathomable manner that would leave the viewers in awe. 

Credit: Base Asia Entertainment

The escape acts do make the audience skip a beat, making the night an exhilarating affair.

Audience Immersion

The magic does not stop at the stage; it's a shared experience

Credit: Base Asia Entertainment

In between the acts are opportunities for the audience to interact with the magician.  There is not one but at least 5 occasions where the audience is invited to the stage. There is even a segment of random participation chosen via balloon throw that leads to an Amazing magic act. With his wits and charms, hearty laughs are heard around.  the theatre throughout the performance. 

Credit: Base Asia Entertainment

As Cosentino aptly put it, during the opening night, there are two kinds of people who watched the magic show. The first is one who suspends belief and enjoys the show and what it’s worth, and the second is those who scrutinize each act to unlock the mystery of the magic.

Regardless of which, you will be entertained. For us, we choose to Believe in Magic, and Cosentino made it magical for us. 

Credit: Base Asia Entertainment

Cosentino: Decennium The Greatest Live Magic Show will be at Sands Theatre for a limited run till 3rd Sep.

Catch it before it vanishes! 

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