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Grams 28 City Pack Review : The Perfect Travel Companion for everywhere

Searching for that opulent bag that is fit for work and travel?

Grams 28 City Pack impeccably fits these criteria without burning a hole in the pocket. Crafted in Italy, this bag exudes sophistication while providing ample compartments to accommodate your tech gear. Whether you're dressed in formal attire or casual wear, the City Pack complements your wardrobe, infusing it with contemporary aesthetics and the allure of its luxurious leather design.

We had recently acquired the Sling Mini, and we loved it. It's practical for daily tasks that require minimum baggage. However, if you intend to fit a little more into the bag without sacrificing the look and increasing bulk, The City Pack would be tailor-made for you.

Grams28 City Pack

Practical Bag for Work or Travel

Practical for work or play

Whether you're crunching numbers at the bank, sealing deals in real estate, or heading overseas to satisfy your wanderlust, the Grams(28) City Pack has got your back. It's big enough to fit your daily essentials and tech gear without being oversize. This is the 2.0 City Pack that brings you improvements over the last edition.

What's in the Grams 28 City Pack?a

Throw in a camera, an iPad 11 Pro, a passport, and an iPhone, and you will still have space for more. We managed to fit all these in the City Pack without breaking a sweat.

  • iPad 11 Pro
  • Sony RX100 
  • Insta 360 with Selfie Stick
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Passport 
  • Wallet
  • Glasses

Roomy and Spacious

Since these are gears we use during travel, this bag would be most useful for such circumstances. Replace the cameras with calculators and documents, and this bag would prove handy for bankers and marketers. 

The bag measures 27W x 21 J x 7D cm with a maximum capacity of 5L. There are front zip pockets, back slots and multiple compartments in the main storage area. There are separate compartments inside for iPad 11 Pro and even a sunglass pouch with magnetic openings.

Affordable Quality

Top Quality Full Grain Pebble Leather from Italy

When you purchase a bag from Grams(28), you have the assurance of a quality bag. With the finest full grain pebbled leather from Gruppo Mastrotto from Italy, you would be purchasing one of the best leather quality in the market.

Thick Strap

The hardware on this bag is solid. The adjustable strap comes with an extra thick strap that offers comfort when you are carrying it. 

Tough Hardware

The zippers and strap buckles are metallic, giving the bag a more durable edge compared to plastic used for other brands.

Obviously, you've made a great choice

As for the price, the bag retails for USD 299. Given the quality that can give the bigger brands a run for the money, it is evident that it is a steal at this price point. If you choose to pick this City Pack up, obviously, you've made a great choice.

Formal or Casual - Choose your poison

For formal occasion

Carry this bag to the office or bring it out on your holidays; the timeless design makes it easy to style with any outfit. The practical design with its thoughtful compartments means you are not sacrificing usage for fashion.

Casual Chic

On the contrary, you would enjoy the best of both worlds. A city bag that adds an understated elegance to your outfit, no matter the occasion.

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Get your Grams 28 City Pack here.

The full collection of Grams 28 bags can be found here.

TWD was provided with the Sling Mini for review. All opinions are our own.

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