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CASTiFY Wabi-Sabi Case : Minimalistic and Protective

 There are plenty of iPhone cases in the market now.

If you are looking for a minimalistic phone case, the new Wabi-Sabi Case from CASETiFY will be a great choice. This case is named after the Japanese word that signifies simplicity and austere beauty. 

Clad in white, the case features a clean and ergonomic design. Made of soft, silicone material, this case has protective features that will help prevent damage to the device.

This is CASETiFY's first-ever silicone offering. It will be available initially in an all-white case, with seasonal colour releases in various vibrant hues expected to launch in the near future.

This is no ordinary case. Besides the unique design, it offers maximum protection through puffed bumpers, a raised bezel and a lifted camera ring for 2X Military Grade protection. It can withstand 2m / 6.6ft drops and protect the screen from scratches. It is also Magsafe compatible and seamlessly paired with all Magsafe accessories. 

We got our hands on the case and were blown away. The rippled 3D texture adds an artistic touch to the case, while the silicone skin is soft to the touch. The material also added grip to the phone. The elevated camera lens protector is white while retaining the iconic look of CASETiFY cases. The white colour casing makes your phone stand out among the crowd. This is the perfect mix of design and protection.

This case is available online at and retail for a starting price of SGD 71.

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