PitzItalia invaded by Dinosaurs

Dinos invasion
 We are back at Pizitalia for some Dino fun!


Parenting 101 Tip 2 : Love

I decided to start this segment as a resource or inspirations to my kids when they become parents.I intend to make it a weekly segment. Hopefully when the kids grow up, this would be the place where they seek the answers they would find in how Daddy and Mommy raise them up to be. Who knows, they could even use these tips for their own parenting in the future.


Marina Bay Sands and photography

Daddy likes to take photographs, especially of us.
We were influenced by Daddy and we decided to be photographers too!


Kartini Resturant@ Parkway

Kartini Restaurant @ Parkway
It's Auntie Jumi's 5th year with us. To celebrate , we decided to bring her to an Indonesian Restaurant at Parkway (She is indonesian) . We went to Kartini Restaurant for lunch.

Junior League Parkway Parade - Aunite Amy

Junior League Parkway Parade
We went for a haircut on Saturday at Parkway Parade after my class at Tsien Hsia
We had our haircut by our regular stylist, Auntie Amy at Junior League.


Why Daddy blogs?

It began in 2006... when I became a dad-to-be.
I was all excited at the prospect of becoming a dad.
I wanted something to remember this milestone and so 'C Journal' begins (to track the baby development). .

SIngapore Blog Awards 2012

We had submitted ourselves for Singapore Blogs Awards under  Best Family Blog , Best Tavel Blog and Panasonic Eco Best Lifestyle Blog
It's our first time submitting, so wish us luck!


Legoland Malaysia Preview

Legoland in UE Square
We saw a road show for Legoland Malaysia after our GUG class in UE Square
Daddy decided that we should get the annual pass for this.
The Promotions ends tomorrow.

The Slide @ T3 Changi Airport

It's our Friday night 'happy hours' time.
Since I am attending classes on Sat / Sun, Daddy decided Friday night should be a fun time for me.
It's hard to find nigh time activities for the kids, but living in the east means the airport is only a short 15 mins away!


Japan Videos

Some videos we took in Japan
Strawberries picking at the strawberries farm


Playground @ Big Splash : Summer Fiesta Carnival

Summer Fiesta Carnival
We decided to head to Playhouse@ Big Splash on Easter Sunday.
There was suppose to be a summer fiesta carnival there.

However the set up is similar to the ex Mcdonald's East Coast Play area. ( ie a very small carnival)
Nevertheless the limited games they have suited the Wacky Duo perfectly

Pizza Making at home

After my Pizza making session with Pizzahut, Daddy had bought some paste, dough and cheese for us to make pizza at home. I made these with Mommy while Daddy is asleep to surprise him.
It was Yummy!

Changi CityPoint

Night Fun
We visited Changi City Point over the Easter weekend
It has been weeks since we had been to the water playground and we could not wait to play there again!


Java Kitchen at Tanjong Katong

Java Kitchen
We went to Java Kitchen after church on Maundy Thursday.
Java Kitchen is located at Tanjong Katong Road. They have a few outlets around town.
They served Indonesian food. The food they serve are authentic, yummy and cheap. Each dish cost below $10. Pricing is comparable to food court price.


Monlight dinner at Beach Culture (Pasir Ris Park)

Pasir Ris Park
As a 'reward' for attending Tian Xia, we went to Paris Ris Park.
The last time mommy was not with us as she was travelling so I insist I bring her there to take a look

Samba Sandals at Orchard Central, 313 and a hidden playground

Samba Promotion
Dad read about this promotion and decide to head down to Samba for a look since we had outgrown our Sandals. We headed down to Samba at Orchard Central on a Friday night. It has been quite a while since we were down to Orchard


Star Wars Kinect preorder

Daddy had preodered  Star Wars Kinect for me. (Actually I think Daddy is the star war fan, but that is another story altogether)
Today is the collection date at Plaza Singapura.
The early bird will receive a Star Wars toy. In addition, the first 100 with Digital Life get a free Disneyland Kinect as well!
Not bad, 2 games, 1 toy and a free bag for only 59.90

Japan Day 6 : Going home!

At the airport
The end of our trip and the end of the epic posts on Japan
A quick review on the Chan Brothers Tour from Daddy's perspective

Japan Day 6 : Tokyo

Breakfast - Milk for Louis, APPLE juice for me
Our last day in Japan! We had breakfast before heading to our final activity for our trip

Japan Day 5 :Disneyland

Rosy Cheek!
It's Disneyland today! We had about 6 hours for Disneyland today.
This is my second trip to Disneyland. I was at  Disneyland HK last year.

Japan Day 4 : Mt Fuji

Hakone Peace Park
After our descend from Mount Fuji, we headed to Hakone Peace Park. We were suppose to view the Buddha relic tower there. However due t time constraint, we could not travel up to the tower.
Instead we were greeted by a row of Sakura trees and a great view of Mount Fuji


Japan Day 4 : Mount Fuji

We started off the day with a walk outside the hotel to see snow! Me and Mommy loves the snow