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Weekender Feature : Daddy Bloggers in Singapore

Weekender Feature 
Views from Daddy M

To the new readers who 'landed' here due to the Weekender article, a very warm welcome. You may like to get to know a little bit more about us here. Feel free to explore our life journey and enjoy your stay here!

Challenge of the day

  1. Google Daddy Blogger Singapore
  2. Count the number of Daddy bloggers in the first ten pages
  3. From there, try to create a top ten list of Daddy Bloggers in Singapore
Did you manage to complete the challenge?

Fret not, I could not do so either, no matter how hard I try. I even toy with the idea of a top 5 list from the results generated and I barely could make the list.

Now do the same for Mommy Bloggers. Within 3 pages, you probably can do a top 20 if not a top 50 list. There is even a secret club called Singapore Mommy Bloggers with over 150 Mommy Bloggers on board.

My theories for this are as follows

  • Mommies get 4 months maternity leave vs 0 for Daddies. Thus no time for Daddies to document the kids' journey (time for paternal leave !)
  • Daddies find it un-man to get a blog
  • Daddies are too busy at work, thus no time to go online to blog
  • Daddies are shy creatures, preferring to be behind the limelight
For today's post, I would like to pay tribute to a small bunch of hardworking and active Daddy Bloggers in Singapore. It may not necessarily be Google standard, but at least it can be a list you can refer to. The list will feature bloggers with content that is 80% oriented to family and parenting.
This is also the list of Daddy Bloggers that had in some way or another inspire the launch of TheWackyDuo.com.

The Wacky List of Daddy Bloggers in Singapore

All rights belongs to the following fathers
In my humble opinion, a very productive and friendly Daddy. Andy is the father of 3 boys and 1 girl (kowtows to that)He aims to 'bring you fun' in Singapore and beyond. Read about his many adventures with his kids in Singapore and beyond.
Father of 2 girls and 1 boy. Ed loves to write about his Parenting journey. Follow his adventures, challenges and victories as a young father.
Triple the fun. Triple the Trouble. Father of 2 boys and 1 girl. If you need an activity to do in Singapore, look no further. Kelvin fills the blog with activities that would provide you the resources you need to plan a day out with kids.
Father of 2 girls. Check out Isaiah's parenting journey through this avid photographer. A blog with reviews, food and daddy's view on parenting.
Father of 1 boy. Kelvin is a full time working Daddy who attempts to blog all interesting aspects of his son. An avid photographer and a self pronounced 'crazy gadget freak'.
A unique way of communicating with his son, Winston writes weekly letters to his son. Topics range from shaving tips to dealing with his death. An intriguing read. Whoever says Daddy blogs are all about photos should take a read at this. Incidentally, he had set up Blogfathers!Sg which is a collation of Daddy Bloggers in Singapore.
Young Father of 2 boys and 1 girl. Patrick Shares his children interesting discoveries and thoughts on parenting.
Father of 2 boys. Vincent blogs about his two boys growth with occasional good food and photography tips.
This blog is written by one that calls himself Daddy M. He is the ghostwriter for his 2 boys thoughts and such. Expect a wacky journey through life as the boys discover themselves in this wacky world of little adventures, endless exploration and * ahem* meaningful insights (If you are still trying to figure out the origins of the above blog, it is non-other than us !)

As much as I try to search, sadly I can only find 8 other active daddy bloggers in Singapore (9 if you include yours truly). I am sure that there are more out there, so if you are willing to share, do drop me a mail and I would gladly add you to the list.

There are some things I had observed amongst Daddy Bloggers

  • Our kids are the centre of our attention
  • Most Daddy Bloggers are fantastic photographers
  • We have one main aim for the blogs we set up. Telling the tale of parenthood through Daddy's eyes
For the rest of the daddies (and Mommies) , we hope you will be inspired by the above blogs to set up one yourselves. It is through sharing of your experiences that you would make Daddyhood ( or parenthood) a joy for others to emulate. I can say, with hand on my heart, that I am inspired by some of the above blogs to share my experiences of parenting and family lifestyle.

Do share with us your links if you decided to give it a try.
In the meantime, to the Daddy bloggers.... keep up the good work!


This is TheWackyDuo.com first foray into print media. If you ask me a year ago if I had envisioned this, I would have told you pigs could fly. Never in my wildest dreams that I would one day be classified as a 'writer'. If you read back on entries on this journal in its early days, you would know what I mean.
I would like to thank Weekender for the opportunity to immortalise this article in print. I know it is in the archives of public domain. I know that someday when the children try to research a little bit of their daddy, they may be able to find this article that will shed light on why this journal exists.

Till then, " Oink Oink "

I think I just saw a pig in the sky!

Daddy M

PS: In case you are wondering, the photos on the paper are not us or any other Daddy Bloggers. It's stock photos! We actually look like the photo below. A little more *ahem* handsome if I may add...

The full edition of the weekender is available here

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Weekender Featured is a collection of articles contributed by The Wacky Duo that were published on Weekender - a weekly paper providing information about events, food, sports and activities. This article was published on 2nd November.
Daddy M is the featured parent blogger for the month of November.
This article is a reprint (with some minor tweets) of the original article that first appear in Aug 2012.


  1. Hello, can consider me as a Daddy Blogger? Though I am not a Singaporean, I lived in Singapore 90% of my life. Though I am not based in Singapore now, and though my blog did not start off as a Daddy blog, after I got my son, it is looking more and more like one!


    1. Hi Eddie , if you blog about your kids, you are definitely a Daddy Blogger! Maybe one day I would do an blog on Daddy Bloggers around Asia. I know they are a rare commodity as well...


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