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50 March School Holiday activities for kids 2018 (Singapore)

What 1/4 of the year had disappeared? 

In a week's time, March school holidays are upon us. It may be only 1 week, but there are plenty of activities to fill the children's time during this period. Without further ado, here are 50+ activities you can look forward to during this March school holidays.

1 See street arts come alive!

Event : Art from the Streets
Date : 13 Jan - 3 June
Venue : ArtScience Museum (Admission applies)

Showcasing the world's most iconic street artist. See masterpieces found in the street and create your own artwork in the Express Yourself and Graffiti Style writing Workshop.

2 Be a young Scientist

Event : I am a young Scientist
Date : 10-17 March
Venue :Science Centre (Course Fee Applies)

Conduct exciting experiments like creating a simple fire extinguisher in this workshop for young kids

3 Find a book

Event : Singlit heartland Book Drop
Date : 19 Feb- 19 March
Venue : Various venues (Free)

Epigram books is dropping 50 books around Singapore including picture books, to chapter books to novels and more... find it!

4 See a Pop up Play

Event : Anak Itik - A Malay Pop-Up Theatre Performance for Pre-schoolers
Date : 9 March 2018 (Various Timing)
Venue : Kaw Kaw SG Restaurant  (Admission applies)

5 Play boardgames with Monsters in the Garden

Event : There are Monsters in the garden
Date : 10 March 10-11am
Venue : Gardens by the bay (Free)

Fun Storeytelling session in the Garden in this English- Malay bilingual program

6 Join Ranger Anne in a Creative Arts Workshop

Event : Creative Arts Workshop with Ranger Anne
Date : 11 March 445pm - 645pm
Venue :hEART Studio (Admission applies)

Story telling / Art workshop that brings you to the wild with different animals.

7 Join the Avengers in the Infinity War

Event : Prepare for Infinity war
Date : 3-18 March
Venue : Suntec City (Free except for ?build your own Superheros)

Prepare for the Infinity War with the unvieling of new LEGO Infinity War sets at Suntec City. Look out for the new Hulkbuster as well as build your own superheros for kids.

8 See Sesame Street Gang in Changi!

Event : Discover the Fun Side of Changi with Sesame Street
Date : 9 March to 1 MAy
Venue : Terminal 3 (Free except for playground)

Relive childhood memories in Changi Airport with Seasame Street gang as they bring their street to our street. The pop up exhibition will feature instagram worthy thematic zones, with a Seasame Street theme playground for kids!

Read our review here

9 Step back to the past

Event : Those were the Days
Date : 5 March to 1 May
Venue : Terminal 4 (Free except for old school games)

Relive how Singapore school life was like in the past at The Happy School. Be greeted by old school wooden chairs, tables, chalkboards and hopscotch area. Play old school games on weekends(12-2pm)

10 See Sakura in Singapore!

Event : Sakura Matsuri
Date : 16 March to 8 April
Venue : Flower Dome (Admission Applies)

Can't go to Japan to see the cherry blossom?
Then bring Sakura to your doorsteps at the Flower Dome.

11 Catch the Pikacu Parade at the Anime Garden

Event : Anime Garden
Date : 17 -18 MArch
Venue : Supertree Groove
Catch Pikachu Parade, cosplays and anisongs concert at the Supertree Groove !

12 Watch a Doggy performance in the Year of the Dog

Event : The Dog who goes woof woof
Date : 2-11 March
Venue : Esplanade Recital Studios (Admission Applies)

Live music, minimum dialogues and puppets brings this to life as woof woof helps a girl overcomes her fear.

13 Learn Robotics with Lego Mindstorms

Event : Intro to Robotics with Lego Mindstorms (9-16 years old)
Date : 11 March (1-6 pm)
Venue :Tinkercademy(Course Fees Applies)

Learn about Robotics using LEGO Mindstorms

14 Build Storytelling games with bloxels

Event : Build Storeytelling Games with Bloxels (6-14 years old)
Date : 12 * 13 March (1-4pm)
Venue :Tinkercademy(Course Fees Applies)

Build games using blocks and your imagination!

15 Make Cardboard come alive

Event : Cardboard Maker (7-12 years old)
Date : 13 , 15 March
Venue :Tinkercademy(Course Fees Applies)

Spend a fun morning making cardboard objects.

16 Be a Creative Engineer

Event : Creative Engineer
Date : 12, 13 , 15 , 16 March
Venue :Tinkercademy (Course Fees Applies)

Learn engineering through prototying and experimentation 

17 Have a Fiesta with Nickelodeon

Event : Nickelodeon Fiesta
Date : 10 & 11 March 10am-6 pm
Venue :Clark Quay (Free)

Carnival fun games with food. 9 Street stalls to explore!

18 Join the Circus

Event : Circus Science Under the Big Top
Date : 28 Oct to 18 MArch
Venue : Singapore Science Center (Admission applies)

Experience Circus Life at the Science Center. Get to try the trapeze and walk the tight rope too!

19 Play at the biggest carnival in town

Event : Prudential Marina Bay Carnival
Date :15 Dec to 1 April
Venue : Bayfront Event Space

Still have not been to the biggest carnival in town?
Hurry before it disappear!

20 Join the Water Festival
Add caption

Event : Water Festival
Date : 10 & 11 March
Venue :Singapore Sports Hub (Free)

Expect a splashing good time with water related activities for family

21 Gostan Back!

Event : Gostan Back
Date :16 , 17 March
Venue : National Museum of Singapore (Admission applies)

Gostan back is a story about a young boy who gets the chance to save the future by going back in time. Production is designed to support children with additional needs and their families to experience the museum

22 Celebrate Pi Date

Event :Insπre 
Date : 10- 16 March
Venue : Singapore Science Center Annex Foyer

Celebrate Pi Day with activities and games

23 Jump at the Art-Zoo

Event : Art Zoo
Date : 9 March - 1 April
Venue : The Float @ Marina Bay

Bounce in the  largest inflatable Playground with your favourite animals from the zoo.

24 Take Flight 

Event : Above and Beyond
Date : 16 Dec- 8 April
Venue : Singapore Science Center

Find out what it takes to make your innovative dreams take flight!

25 All about dogs 

Event : All about Dogs Children's exhibition
Date : 14 Feb - 1 Dec
Venue : Singapore Philatelic Museum (Admission Applies)

Children's exhibition all about dogs. A must go for dog lovers.

26 Be a Smart Kid in Asia

Event : Smartkids Asia
Date : 16-18 MArch
Venue :Singapore Expo Hall 6 

Largest exhibition of children education related classes.

27 Discover the Treasures of the Natural World

Event : Treasure of the Natural World
Date : 25 Nov to 28 Apr
Venue : Artscience Museum (admission applies)

See the Natural World Treasures come alive!

28 See Disney stars come to live on Ice

Event : Disney on Ice
Date : 14-18 March
Venue : Singapore Science Centre (admission applies)

Celebrate 25 years of Disney on Ice

29 I Light the Marina

Event : i light Marina Bay
Date : 9 March -1 April
Venue : Marina Bay (Free)

i light is back with 22 new light installation from 14 different countries

30 Monsters comes alive!

Event : Monsters Alive Reading and writing workshops ( Age 3-6 Reading P1-4 Writing)
Date : 14- 15 March
Venue : Mindchamps (Course Fee Applies)

Use Monsters to improve your little monsters reading and writing skills.

31 Kids Amazing Race

Event : Kids Amazing Race
Date : 10 March (10am- 3 pm)
Venue : The Grandstand (Entry Fees Applies)

Let the kids race at the Grandstand!

32 Listen to The Nightingale Serenades

Event : SRT The Nightingale
Date : 7 March to 20 April
Venue : KC Arts Center (Admission Applies)

After a hiatus of 4 years, the Nightingale returns to the KC Arts Center

33 Spar with Shaolin Masters

Event : Soul of Shaolin
Date : 10-11 March
Venue : 3pm and 730pm (Admission applies)

See Shaolin Kungfu in action in this soul searching play

34 See Peppa Pig Live!

Event : Peppa Pig Live
Date : 9-11 March
Venue : MES Theatre at Mediacorp

Peppa Pig is back with a new musical!

35 Summon the Superheros!

Event : Summon the Superheros
Date : 17-18 March
Venue : Victoria Concert Hall

Become your favourite superhero for a day and don your capes and suits for an action-packed musical with Alsadiar Mallow as SuperMac, the Kilted Crusader.

36 See a house turn into a playground
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Event : The Playground @ District Design Dialogue
Date : 10 March 
Venue : 26 Jalan Kelanbu Asap

Part of the District design dialogue where 10 black and white terraces transforms into something else. One of them features The Playground. The Playground features installation and worskhop for kids.

37 Weekends in the Park

Event : Weekends: Lifestyle Market and Workshop
Date : 10-11 March
Venue : East Coast Park Marina Cove

Head to the new lifestyle market and workshops at East Coast Park

38 Have a Street Fest

Event : Street Fest
Date :13-18 March (Various Timings)
Venue : Clark Quay

See Street performers from Bendy Em to Jump Silts Extreme in Clark Quay

39 Get Stuck in Charlotte's Web

Event : A Pig, A Spider and a Web (Age 7 months to 12 years)
Date : 15-24 March
Venue : Act 3 Drama Center

Embark on an adventure relating to Charlotte's Web with various workshops for different age group.

40 Fun fest at Sentosa

Event : Fun Fest
Date : 10-18 March
Venue : Palawan Beach Sentosa (Free)

HAve a wild time with inflatable We Bare Bears installation on the beach. Mega installation includes a 50 m long Aquaplane! Admission is free to the island from 10-18 March

41 Make the Future with Shell

Event : Make the Future
Date : 8-11 March
Venue : Changi Exhibition Center

Festival of ideas and innovations in Asia. See the future here

42 Watch Puppets come to live

Event : Little SingLit Puppet Theatre
Date : 10 & 11 March
Venue : Woods in the Books (Admission Applies)

Watch puppets come to live in this Puppet Theatre

43 Draw your imagination

Event : Illustrating Singlit
Date : 10 March / 11 March
Venue : Orchard Libary / National Library Building (Fees Applies)

Learn to create your own illustrations for your books!

44 BBQ on the Beach

Event : BBQ By the Beach
Date : 10-18 March
Venue : Palawan Beach

Enjoy a BBQ with family. Set menu for 4 available 

45 Find out why is the owl wise?

Event:  Holi Tales
Date : 17-18 March
Venue : PIPs Playbox Esplanade

Why is the owl wise? How did the leopard get its spots? Why does the tiger have orange and white stripes? Solve these mysteries and more with Kalaiselvi Grace as she brings you Holi Tales, a special storytelling session this Holi!

46 Catch Peter Rabbit

Event : Peter Rabbit ( Movie)
Date : Ongoing
Venue : Cinema

Peter Rabbit, the mischievous and adventurous hero who has captivated generations of readers, now takes on the starring own of his own irreverent , contemporary comedy with attitude

47 See the battle of the bronze vs stone age

Event : Early Man ( Movie)
Date : From March 3
Venue : Cinema

Bronze vs Stone, watch the clash of the ages 

More details here

48 A Wrinkle in Time

Event : A Wrinkle in Time
Date : From March 8 
Venue : Cinema

Catch Disney latest production on the big screen

49 The Wayang Kids

Event : The Wayang Kids
Date : From March 8 
Venue : Cinema

A local production about a group of primary school students overcoming culture and language barrier to represent their school in an international Chinese Opera performance.

50 Family Time

Regardless of what activities you choose, don't forget the most important one... FAMILY TIME!

Have a good break ahead!

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