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Should you get the iPhone XS Max ?

Ok , hands up , who is queuing for the new iPhone XS Max today?

If you do not know, the latest and highest spec iPhone XS Max cost a whopping $2349

As a techie Dad , I used to fancy the latest gadget all the time . Nowadays with a family to feed , priorities have changed . If you are one of the Apple fans out there , you will have to give these up just for one iPhone XS Max.

Family Needs

Free Education for 2 Primary School Kids

Primary school education is free for Singaporeans, but the schoolbooks are not. Schoolbooks average $200 per year. For 6 years, it will cost $1200. Double it for 2 kids at $2400 . Lifetime foundation for 2 kids vs an iPhone XS Max? 

No brainer here.

Cost: $2400

One year supply of Electricity Bill
Average electricity bills is at less than $200 per month . You can pay a year of electricity in lieu of the phone. 

Cost :  Less than $2400

8 years of Mobile bill
A Sim only plan starts from $24 per month. For 8 years, it will cost $2304 . Trust us, your iPhone XS Max would not even last THAT long...

Cost : $2304

52 yummy Family Zhi Char Dinners every weekend for a year 
A Zhi Char Dinner cost about $40 for 4. With 52 Weekends , you would be spending about $2080 with change for a fancy dinner or 2.

Cost : $2080

783 Chicken Rice at $3 per meal

For most, chicken rice is a meal one would eat in a week. Imagine having it everyday for 2 years ($2190) and have change for kopi

Cost : $2349

3355 sticks of satay at East Coast Park at $0,70 each
If you prefer satay, enjoy 3355 sticks of it at East Coast Park for one iPhone. 

Cost : $2348.5

522 happy meals at $4.5 per meal 

Happy kids love happy meals. How about keeping them happy for 552 days?

Cost 2349

25 years of roses for Valentine's Day

They say a happy wife make a happy family. Flowers for Valentine would make them happy. At $89 for a dozen roses from Roses Only, you are covered for the next 25 years with change for one romantic dinner.

Cost : $2225

3 Timezone Parties for birthdays

Each Timezone Parties starts from $640 . You can have a party there not once, not twice but three time. Trust me, your kids will thank you for it.

Cost : $1920

3 years of Annual Pass to Universal Studios for a family of 4 ($692)
3 years of pure fun ($2076) with change for a mini staycation. Why not?
Cost : $2076

180 Free movies

A standard movie tickets cost $13 (cheaper if you go on weekdays) . Watch 180 movies in exchange for a phone

Cost : $2340

Christmas presents for the next 20 years for 2!
An average Christmas present for my kids cost $50 . With 2 kids, it cost me about $100 per Christmas. Instead of one present for self, I can get presents for them for the next 20 years!

Next year Ang Pow Money
With Chinese New Year coming up, it is time to save for Ang Pow for 2019. Instead of a phone, use that money for CNY instead


4 Family Staycations at $550 per vacation
An average weekend staycation cost about $550 . Since there are 4 long school holidays terms, you could afford to go for a staycation every holiday if you give up the phone 

Cost : $2200

One Club Med vacation for family

Our last trip to Club Med Cherating cost around $2500 . Forgo the iPhone and go for a vacation instead

Cost :$2500

2 holidays in Malaysia

You could go for more holidays in Malaysia. Our Ipoh trip and Penang trip combine cost less than $2359

Cost : Less than $2359

Holiday in Perth
If you plan  well enough, you might even sneak in a holiday for 4 in Perth over the weekend for less than  $2359. Need tips on travelling in Perth. Read our self drive adventure here

Personal Needs

One Year supply of clothes from UNIQLO
With an average of $20 per item, you  could probably buy 110 outfits. Enough for a year.

Cost : $2200

10 years worth of haircut at $20 per cut
A man probably cuts his hair once a month. With the money from the iPhone, it could let you cut hair for the next 10 years

Cost : $2400

MRT and Bus Rides for 2 years
An average ride to town cost about $3 to and fro . Take rides rides for 'free' for the next 2 years if I give up the iPhone XS

Cost : $2190

235 Grab Rides at $10 each
If you fancy a little more luxury ,  take Grab... 235 times!

Cost : $2350

EPL Subscription $49.90 per month, 10 months $499
Give me 4 years of EPL anytime!

Cost : $1996

20 years supply of sports shoes ($100 per pair)

Exercise is good, 20 years supply of sports shoes is better. With savings from iPhone XS Max, you can buy a new pair every year!

Cost : $2000

10 years of Daily coffee supply ( $0.6 each)
I need coffee everyday.... 10 years worth sounds great!

Cost : $2190

Other Techie Stuff

An iPhoneXR 128GB ($1299) + Ipad 128 GB ($498) + iWatch 4 ($599)

Why get the iPhone XS Max when you can get a NEW iPhone XR  + iPad + a NEW iWatch 4 for about the same price?

Cost : $2396

Macbook Pro 13.3 inch 256GB
Instead of a smartphone that aim to replace a computer, get the real deal instead. A Macbook Pro suddenly looks underprice next to the phone. It has a bigger screen too!

Cost : $1288

65 inch TV

If screen size is your priority, ditch the iPhone XS Max and take a 65 inch TV instead. You probably can get one at the same price as the iPhone XS Max

Cost : about $2349

Google Pixel 2 or Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Dtich the iPhone, go Google or Android instead. Google Pixel 2 ($1399) and Galaxy Note 9 ($1799) looks like a steal next to the iPhone

Cost : From $1399

Go Pro 6 and Sony RX VI
Because our channel does youtube, The Go Pro 6 and the Sony RX VI would provide better image options and quality than the iPhone. 

Head to our youtube channel to see more.

Cost : Less than $2359

So do you still want your iPhone XS Max ?

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