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Keto dining options in Singapore : Where to go for a hearty Keto meal

The Summerhouse Brunch

If you are on a Keto Diet, you would know that eating out is an arduous task.

For the past month, the Wacky Parents thought it might be a good time to embark on Keto Diet. With weight hovering near obese, it has never been a better time. During the course of the diet, we had found that finding the right food for Keto can be challenging, especially since we were brought up in a diet of rice, fried food and sweets.

Keto Diet is all about low carb and high fats (LCHF). This means you have an option of meat, fish and selected vegetables. These meals should ideally be prepared with minimum oil and seasoning to add to your carb count for the day. This practically ruled out the Chinese restaurants, Prata shops and most hawker meals.  There are specialised places that served mainly Keto meals. It may be great for the person on the diet, but if you are out with friends or families, it may not be the perfect option.

So what can you eat on a Keto Diet?

Here are some options ranging from the luxurious to affordable Keto options.

Luxurious - Fit for bringing a date

The Summerhouse Dining Room Brunch

If you would like to impress a date but at the same time do not wish to divulge your diet status, head to The Summerhouse at the Oval @ Seletar Airbase for brunch.
Brunch is served communal style at a set price, so you can have a selection of dishes. Choose from the Summer Weekend Roast collection. The Red Snapper, Mayuru Full Blood MB9 and the Free Range French Poulet are perfect for Keto with its organic spices.

You can even take a walk at the herb garden when you are done.

Perfect for Keto and an amazing date.

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The Summerhouse


The Monti @ Fullerton Pavilion is another good place to good to impress the date on a weekend. If you are there for brunch, opt for the Monti's Big breakfast. The eggs, crispy bacon, Brazilian Pork Sausage are certified Keto Friendly. A safe alternative would be the Charcoal Prime Ribeye Steak.

As for the view... you will feel like a Crazy Rich Asian there.

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Family Time

If you are heading out for a meal as a family, nothing beats preparing your meals together. This way, everyone can interact during the meal.  Mookota is perfect for this and Keto friendly too.

Indulge in the selection of meats and seafood. Do not take the noodles and rice. To make it more worth it, go for the buffet. However, do try not to overeat as you might end up gaining weight due to excessive calories!

The set meal portion would be perfect as an alternative to the buffet.


Jack's Place
Jack's Place is known for its steaks and being a family-friendly restaurant with options for kids. If you are on Keto, indulging in steak is a great way to dine. Ask for veggies as a side and skip the potato.


Keto dining in Ikea?

Yes, you can. Surprisingly, there are dishes there that are suitable for Keto. Go for the lamb shank, cold water prawn (no sauce), the salmon fillet or even the famed fried chicken wing which has only 1g carb. You can even try a few balls of Swedish meatballs ( 4 for 3 g carb)

Do it in moderation... especially the fried chicken wing which is high in unhealthy fats.

Ikea - Fried Chicken Wing

Calories102Sodium0 mg
Total Fat7 gPotassium0 mg
Saturated0 gTotal Carbs1 g
Polyunsaturated0 gDietary Fiber0 g
Monounsaturated0 gSugars0 g
Trans0 gProtein8 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Vitamin A0%Calcium0%
Vitamin C0%Iron0%

Everyday Keto

Your Neighbourhood Kopitiam or Hawker Center
Saba Fish from Hawker Center

Can your local delights be Keto too?

If you are referring to Char Kway Teow, Hokkien Mee, carrot cake or Prata, you might be disappointed that none would make the list.

Here are those that made the list

  • Soft Boiled Eggs and Kopi O
  • Ba Kuh Teh
  • Zhi Char - Stir-fried  meat, steam chicken, fish, broccoli, steam egg
  • Fish soup - No rice or noodles
  • Western food - All grilled food, change sides to salad or egg
  • Saba or Salmon Fish from Korean and Japanese Stall without sauce
  • Grilled Chicken Wings

Fast Food Options
Yes, you can do Keto by eating Fast Food. However, there is a catch, only selected items permitted and you have to ditch the buns and fried food

McDonald's - All meat burgers without the buns and condiments.

Yes, you can have the burgers sans the buns and sauce. One of the favourites of Keto Dieters would be getting 2 sausage muffin with eggs. Remove the muffin and you would have a delicious breakfast burger.

KFC -Signature Grilled Chicken

The KFC Grilled chicken (2g) would be a great alternative to the fried chicken. You could also have the Original drumstick that has only 3g carb.

Supermarket Deli Stores
Ribs from Deli

Instead of heading out to restaurants, you could also get your Keto fix from the local deli. The whole chicken (0g carb) and ribs (0g Carb) are our personal favourites.

Your own Kitchen

Going on a Keto Diet is not exactly cheap if you choose to dine out. Imagine having steaks everyday, you may lose a couple of pounds but you wallet would be a whole lot lighter. A great way to go on Keto Diet is to make your own meals. If time is a concern, choose meals that can be conveniently prepared.

Some of our favourite include pre-marinated meats, fishes, honey wings, bacon, cheese and  veggies. Grab a can of tuna and sardines for desserts too!

Fat Bombs - Sausage, bacon and cheese 

The most important thing about preparing meals at home is the type of cooking oil use. It is best to use either Extra Virgin Cooking oil or butter to prepare your meals. This would ensure that you would be enjoying a dish that is prepared with healthy fats.

Keto diet is not for everyone. Personally, we have seen some positive results in weight loss with keto diet and exercising. Moreover, Keto has additional benefits as it reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises good cholesterol (HDL). It also reduces triglycerides thus reducing heart diseases and stroke. The difficulty would be keeping the discipline to follow the diet as any 'cheat' day would ruin it and you have to restart the process.

The limited selection of options in Singapore also made Keto Diet challenging. Nonetheless, with creative and selective eating, you could have a great meal with friends and relatives who are not on Keto Diet.

Good luck for your Keto Diet!


  1. Went to Monti at 10am on Sunday. They were still cleaning the floor. I tried the breakfast - the good things were the bacon amd tiny tomatoes and iced coffee. Cold mushrooms and oddly baked avocado that tasted like yesterday’s leftovers were the worst bits. Certainly didn’t appear on my plate like it did in your picture.

    1. Hopefully you had a chance to talk to the chef about it during your visit


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