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Australian Reptile Park Sydney Review

Want to see some Australian Reptiles?

We had been to Taronga Zoo, Wildlife Sydney Zoo and Featherdale Wildlife Park during our last visit to Sydney. This time around, we decided to explore Australian Reptile Park as it was en route on our Sydney Self Drive Adventure.

Australian Reptile Park
The Australian Wildlife Park is located at Somersby along Pacific Highway. It is a about an hour drive from Sydney (50 km) and is a perfect stopover for those heading to Hunter's Valley or Nelson Bay from Sydney.

Around the Park
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The Australian Park is a much smaller park compared to the Taronga Zoo or Featherdale Wildlife Park. Contrary to its name, there are more than just reptiles in the park. You can find a lot of local wildlife here including Tasmanian Devil, Koalas, Dingo, Wallabies and Kangaroos.

We started exploring from the right of the entrance. Walking past a pond where the biggest reptiles were found in the park - Alligators.

Eric's Nature Walk

Past the pond is Eric's Nature Walk. It is a child-friendly walk where you get to see bush birds and visit a night house where nocturnal animals like bats can be found.

This mini bush walk has a mini waterfall too...

Wildlife of Australia
Baby Koala
Next up were the koalas. There are quite a few of them enjoying their time in the sun.

We spotted wallabies and wombats too.

It seems like Kangaroos are found in almost every animal park in Sydney.

The Australian Reptile Park is no exception. You can also purchase a bag of food from the counter to feed them too.
Kangeroos @ Australian Reptile Park
If you are lucky, you might even get to feed the gigantic Galapagos tortoise.

Don't miss out on Australia's crankiest crocodile- Elvis while you are there.


One of the highlights of the visit was the animal show and tell. There are regular talks on the different animals living at Australian Reptile Park. We love it as the presenter would bring the animals around the pit to let them have a touch.

Say hi to our new friend.

Lost World of Reptiles

It is time to explore the reptiles of the park. There are a few indoor enclosures that house the smaller reptiles.

Our first stop was the Lost World of Reptiles to see lizards and snakes of all shapes and sizes

Can you spot the Chameleon?

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The next stop was Spideworld where we can face to face with a giant Tarantula.

Frog Hollow

If you like frogs, you probably could spend a while at the Frog Hallow.


The playground will always be a crowd favourite among kids... especially if it is in the shape of an Iguana.

The reptiles of today are not the same as the prehistoric dinosaurs. In terms of appearance, they come close though.

A visit to the Australian Reptile Park would make a good day trip or a stopover when driving to Hunter's Valley or Port Stephens. Allocate about 2-3 hours when you are there. The Park is opened 7 days a week except for Christmas day. For the best value, opt for the family pass.

Useful information
Australian Reptile Park
Lot 60, Pacific Highway, 
Somersby NSW 2250

Daily - 9am -5pm

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  1. Its seems to be very intersting park and now i will definitely like to visit in this reptile park.


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