PSA: 2 million more Bicentennial notes to be issued to beat scalpers

It's coming back!

For those who missed on the first issue of 2 million  Bicentennial notes, fret not as there will be another 2 million bicentennial notes to be issued.

Due to overwhelming demand, the first 2 million notes were snatched up. However, demand could be questionable with over 500 listings of notes selling for a quick profit at Carousell. The government cannot prevent re-selling of these notes, but it can satisfy demand with a larger issue.
The new batch of notes will be available around October to November. MAS will inform the public when it is available.

Our advice is that if you really want these notes, go to the bank. With the second batch release. There will be 4 million of such notes in circulation. There is no need to rush to get these 'limited' edition notes.

Why pay $888 for one of them when it is only $20?

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