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World's COVID-19 tally now exceeds China

The virus has taken over the world.

As of today, global cases of Covid19 has surged to 169175. The Rest of the World's tally has now taken over China ( 88326 vs 80849).  Death rates had also surged past China ( 3300). The latter looks set to increase in the coming days.

The Tally Today

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  • Italy has now the second-highest cases and death. The new cases exceed  (Iran) number 3 and (S Korea) number 4 combined. It has to most cases per million population at 409.3 infections for every million.
  • Europe has taken over Asia as the main Epicenter of the virus. There are 6 out of ten European countries in the top ten slots with a total of 47434 infections.
  • Italy has the highest % of death in the top 10 with deaths at over  7.3% of the infected. This is double of the world's average at 3.8%
  • USA is also in the top 10 with over 3587 cases surpassing Switzerland and UK

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  • Singapore has fallen out of the top 20 and is now at the 26 nation most infected. At the early stage, Singapore was number 2 outside of China.
  • Malaysia has almost doubled its infection in a day and quadruple infections in a week. It is now almost doubled of Singapore's infection. 

The surge in Global numbers had Singapore introducing new measures to counter the impact. This includes Travel Ban as well as Stay At Home Orders for those arriving from these areas.

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