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Daily Dose Jun 10: Repreive

A Reprieve?

After the election talks the day before, the dorms case had a sharp drop. Overall cases drop to 218 cases with No Singaporeans. The No Singaporeans are eerily coincidental when Phase 2 was announced on May 28 and the last day of CB.

Does it mean if more 'good news' is announced, the fewer Singaporeans affected?😅

1) 218 cases confirmed
212 Dorms
6 community
Dorms cases hit the lows in recent weeks. Unlike previous days, there is no confirmation that the drop in cases was due to less testing. Perhaps this marks a turn?
Without the numbers tested per day, it is hard to say.

In addition, there are 6 community cases, 4 Work Pass and 2 Work Permit. All are asymptomatic with 3 already in Quarantine areas and 3 unlink cases.

2)  Every Singaporeans who need a Covid19 vaccine will get one

There is no confirmation if it will be free. 

3) Phase 1 Week 1 Report Card
How did we fare for the first week of Phase 1?

4) Number of tests fluctuates daily based on group to be tested
Don't' be too sad if you see 1000 positive tests or too sad to see 100 positive tests on a daily basis.

5) 58 errant business and persons fined in the first week of post circuit breaker

Not as bad as we thought, but still why would people still 'fool' around?

6)33,000 Job vacancies available across 10 industries actively hiring
Looking for a job? There are roles available here

  1. Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Banking and finance
  4. Government
  5. Computing and information technology (IT)
  6. Security and law enforcement
  7. Transportation and logistics
  8. Construction/Building/Engineering
  9. Manufacturing and production
  10. Insurance

7) Pinkdot to go Livestream
It will live stream on June 27

8) 2 man charged with flying drone
One of them flew a drone to Gombak Base and took photos. If you are looking for a new hobby, do read the laws first.

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