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Prism+ C240 Review : Afforable Quality Monitor


Are you working on a laptop?

If you or your child is using a laptop, you would probably squint your eyes after an hour or so on it. The sleek 13-inch Macbook might be nice to have, but to use it for assignments or research would be a pain. The screen is already too small for proper word processing and would be even worse on split-screen if you need to do research.

That is why you need an additional screen. If you are looking for a decent 24 Inch Monitor  without breaking the bank but with all the performance, PRISM+ C240 might be the one for you. Our review would be based on the experience of getting the PRISM+ C240 as a second monitor for kids.


PRISM+ is a leading homegrown display specialist brand in Singapore. With a comprehensive portfolio of Gaming Monitors and Smart TVs, they have sold over 100,000 units in Singapore. One of their key selling points is providing high-end premium features at the best possible prices to Singapore Mass Market.

It is thus not surprising that they have ranked Lazada #1 Electronics Seller and SG #1 Gaming Monitor brand. With 3 Year Warranty for their display units, buying a monitor online would be a peace of mind for everyone.

PRISM+ C240 First Impression

The PRISM+ C240 would be their base models. Retailing at $199 for a limited period, it has features that are normally found in competitors range that are higher priced. If you are looking for bigger monitors than a 24 inch Monitor, you can check out our review of the 27-inch version- The PRISM+ C270. As we are getting this as a second monitor for the children, the specs are more than decent for their everyday use.


Setting up the monitor was a breeze. The only assembly you need to do is the Monitor Stand. Connection-wise, you could connect the laptop to the monitor via the HDMI or VGA Slot. There is also an audio output. This monitor does not come with built-in speakers.


The C240 also comes with universal VESA mount for those who would like to use monitor arms for multi-display configurations. If you intend to get more than one monitor, we do suggest using computer arms to give your desk a less cluttered appearance.


1500 R Curvature Immersion

The first thing that struck us was the Curved Monitor. All along we had been using flat-screen monitors and had not given curved monitors much thought. With the C240 impressive 1500R curvature, our views had changed literally. This curvature narrows down the field of vision resulting in a more immersive, less head-turning experience.  This enhanced the viewing experience as one does not need not to strain to see different parts of the screen.

If you look at the screen, you will find it hard to spot the ultra-slim ZeroBezel. The screen is maximised in the C240 to provide a fuller experience in a smaller footprint. With ZeroBezel, this unit is probably as big as the older 21-inch models in the market.

In terms of colour reproduction, the 100% sRGB colour gamut volume provides accurate and consistent colours. The images projected are vibrant and rich. This display is most suited for graphic designers, content creators and videographers who needs true to life colours. For kids, it means watching Anime on Netflix is as immersive as watching it on TV.

If you are worried that your child's eyes might be hurt by watching movies on the monitor, you would be glad to know that the C240 was built with adjustable blue light emission and a flicker-free panel. This would be soothing for the eyes and provide a pleasant viewing experience. The 75 Hz refresh rate and the 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution would enhance this experience.


For a price at $199, it is hard to find fault on this monitor. If we were to nit-pick, it would be for the lack of built-in speakers. It is hardly a deal-breaker since most are using headphones or Bluetooth speakers for sound.

For the record. PRISM+ uses an A+ Grade Samsung Panel, so expect this monitor quality control to be top of the class. As a second monitor for kids, this affordable option is both quality and a pleasure to use. It is a thumbs up for us!

Get your PRISM+ C240 here

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