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Know Anyone Who Was Neglected In A Nursing Home? Follow This Advice To Help Them

Putting your loved one, parent, family, or friend into the care of someone else is a stressful decision to make. 

While you would probably rather do everything you can to care for them yourself, this is often not possible, which is why nursing homes exist. You should do all the research you can on various potential homes to try and find the place best suited to care for your loved one.

Unfortunately, even with the best research, sometimes care home staff can be abusive or neglectful. This is a tragic situation for you and the person at risk, so it can cause a lot of stress and worry. If you know someone who has been neglected while in care, here’s what you should do to try and help them.

Nursing Home Abuse

As mentioned, nursing home abuse does sadly take place. Legal statistics show that almost 25 percent of all nursing home guests claim to have experienced at least one form of abuse during their time in care. This is shocking, as there are over 1.6 million nursing home beds in the country. If over 350,000 of these patients experience some form of abuse during their stay, something needs to be done. If your loved one falls into this sad statistic, you should seek help immediately.

If You Discover Abuse

Whatever form of abuse you have discovered is taking place, you should seek legal assistance right away. When someone is hurt in a nursing home, they have a right to legal representation, just like any other citizen. Try and understand what has happened, take any photo or video evidence that you possibly can, then reach out to an attorney.

Finding an Attorney

Finding an attorney should be a relatively easy process. Search your local area for law firms that have a department specialized in this sort of law. They must be specialists, as they will know everything there is to know about this sort of legal process. 

Once you have found a legal firm that deals with nursing home cases, book yourself in for a consultation. If possible, take your relative or friend with you so they can share their story. Usually, a good law firm will allow you to have the first meeting for free, with no obligation or commitment to work with them. This means you can meet a few lawyers and decide who you think you want to work with, while they all tell you exactly how they would tackle this sort of case. It’s important to find a lawyer you trust for this potentially lengthy process.

Seeking Compensation

A lawyer will do everything they can to seek ample compensation for your loved one. Whatever type of neglect or abuse they have suffered, your legal team will represent them every step of the way. They will help you build a case, gather evidence, and make sure your loved one has the best possible case for compensation.

If the abuse is physical, they will likely recommend an independent physical examination and medical care. A second opinion from a neutral doctor may well help prove your case, leading to more compensation. If the abuse is in any other form, they will have different processes to help you get the compensation deserved.

Take Them Elsewhere

During this process, you will want to protect your loved one from further abuse. It is for this reason that it’s widely recommended to immediately remove your loved one from the care home where the abuse took place. Whether that means bringing them home with you for some time or finding them a new home to move to, just get them away from their abuser as soon as possible, especially if they already know you’re building your case.

Types of Abuse

Abuse and neglect in a care setting can take on several forms. Unfortunately, they are all equally bad and can cause long-term upset, injury, or mental health issues. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to look out for in a nursing home, and therefore when you should reach out to a lawyer.


Physical abuse is usually easy to spot; a new injury, bruise, or physical complaint should be spotted right away. If your loved one claims to have had this injury caused by a member of staff, start investigating immediately, no matter how severe it is. Older people are frailer and therefore easily hurt, even a small bruise should be questioned.


Mental abuse is often harder to figure out. Often, it is assumed your loved one is more reclusive or quiet due to their age or surroundings. However, it’s always worth asking why they are feeling or acting differently, as it could be caused by mental abuse from members of staff.


Sexual abuse sadly affects people of any age. As mentioned, the elderly are often weak or defenseless, leaving them open to such horrible attacks. If any kind of unwanted physical interaction is had, you should investigate immediately and take it very seriously. Sexual abuse is more than just a care home issue, it is criminal.


Again, older people are unfortunately easier to steal from. A desperate care home staff could quickly spot your loved one’s cash or jewelry and choose to steal it. This can be very upsetting and stressful and, once again, is a crime. Report it to a lawyer and the police right away.

Poor Quality of Care

Finally, neglect can simply mean a poor quality of care. A dirty, unkempt room or poor quality of food can all cause health issues for your loved one, as could incorrect medical treatment or unsupervised activity. Make sure the care level is exemplary. If it’s not, seek advice right away.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to spot care home neglect. But, as soon as you get any hint that something is wrong, you should never delay in getting to the bottom of it. Reach out to a legal team for advice on building a case and seeking compensation, and take your loved one out of the situation as soon as possible.

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