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Jurong Frog Farm : Singapore's Frog Wonderland


Have you been to the largest frog farm in Singapore?

The largest frog farm in Singapore is in Kranji despite it being named Jurong Frog Farm. It has its roots in the Jurong area in 1981 breeding American Bullfrogs before moving to Kranji. It is the largest and probably the only frog farm in Singapore. 

Jurong frog farm is open to visitors on weekends (and selected days) with free and easy tours and other activities such as catching a frog or even a family tour. We made a impromptu visit there en route to Marugen Koi Farm to have a quick look. While you are in the vicinity, you could also plan for a visit to the nearby Hay Dairies to feed the goats.

Source: Jurong Frog Farm

If you are planning a visit to the farm, do head down during weekends and public holidays where activities are planned throughout the farm. On a weekday, the farm is closed to the public and there is nothing to do there.

Here are some of the activities listed on their website

Frog Quest Adventure - $18 (Sat, Sun & PH)

The Frog Quest - Jurong Frog Farm

A free itinerary where you do a self-navigated tour to explore the farm on your own. You will be provided with a frog quest map and a frog pen. Explore the farm and look for clues to fill up the map. Participants will also be able to feed and interact with the frogs.

Catch a Frog $10 (Sat, Sun & PH)

For more gung-ho, you can try catching a frog in the pen for $10. While some may find it squeamish, there are those who are willing to challenge themselves.

Feeding Frenzy $3 per box ((Sat, Sun & PH)
Feeding area

This is probably the most economical way to enjoy a day out. There are over 10,000 American Bullfrogs for you to feed and each of them has a voracious appetite.  The frogs are housed in a few pens so there is enough space for you to have a spot. 

Grab a box of frog grub for $3 and let the frenzy begin!

Family Tour $90 ( Wed to Sundays and PH)

If you would like to have a more intimate experience with the frog with the family, take the Family tour program that is led by the president Frogolofist. See the life cycle display exhibit, feed frog and fish, take a souvenir home and even sample frog meat. The duration of the tour is approximately 1 hour.\

When you are there on weekends, do make a pit stop at the Royal Frog Shop. Enjoy a fresh meal of Deep Fried Cajun Frog Meat, Crocodile Nuggets (!) , Crispy Frog Skin and more. The only question is- do you dare to take up the challenge?

For a lazy weekend, a visit to the Jurong Frog Farm would be great for kids. Other activities you could do in the area include a stroll at Sungei Boleh Wetland, a meal at Gardenasia, a visit to a Koi Farm and even visit a goat farm to feed the goats.

Jurong Frog Farm
51 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6
Singapore 718864

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