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The Platinum Fashion Mall : Shopping Guide Floor by Floor

Planning a shopping trip to Bangkok?

The Platinum Fashion Mall should be at the top of your list.

The Platinum Fashion Mall is a popular tourist destination. It is well known for its affordable fashion wear. While most shops cater to ladies, there are dedicated floors for men and kids. The mall also has a modern food court and restaurants worth checking out.

With 7 floors to explore, it may be overwhelming for first-time visitors. The Mall is split into 2 wings, each with its own entrance. There is also a connecting bridge to the Novotel hotel wing with shops selling souvenirs.

If you need more time to explore the mall, here's a quick guide to what you can find at The Platinum Fashion Mall.

Basement: Women's Section and food Koisk

The basement has a women's section, a men's section and food kiosks like Starbucks Coffee and Auntie Anne's. This floor is less crowded than the others. 

There are a few original-brand shops in the basement.

 Prices for these brands are usually higher than those of the generic ones in the rest of the mall. 

Cocktail dresses can also be found here.

1st Floor: Women's Section

This is what you will see the moment you step in. 

Most of the shops are catered to women. 

There are a handful of shops for men, but they are few and far between.

There are hundreds of shops on this singular floor alone, so prepare to spend hours browsing. If you need a break, head outside for street food or the popular dessert stall After You.

2nd Floor: Women's Section

The shopping continues at the second store with more shops. 

From casual wear to formal dresses, you can find everything here. There is a popular Everything 20 baht store where you can pick cheap souvenirs. 

There is also a big shoe shop near the escalator.

We also spotted this shop that sells original Thai-printed shirts.

3rd Floor: Women's Section

The reason why ladies tend to spend hours here is because the shopping never seems to end.

The shopping for women continues on the 3rd floor. Check out the pop-up H&M booth that is always crowded with bargain hunters.

4th Floor: Men's Section

90% of the shops here are catered to men. 

They sell primarily casual wear, and you can find shirts here that cost 150 baht.

Popular shirts include these Hawaiian shirts found in quite a few stores.

While most stores sell similar items, you can find original brands like Old Skull.

If you are looking for replicas, Chicky Dudes is the place to go.

Bangkok Muscle Shop is a popular stop for picking up muscle shirts and singlets.

5th Floor: Accessories and Kids Section and Daiso

This is the floor to go to if you are looking for accessories like earrings, necklaces and even socks.

Most of the items here are very affordable.

If you are looking for children's clothes. There is at least half a floor dedicated to it.

Check out the list of Children's shops worth visiting here.\

There is a Daiso here, though we suspect you would be too busy browsing other shops to stop by.

If you need stationary, there is also a stationary shop here.

Need luggage to pack your shopping goodies? You can find them on the fifth floor too.

6th Floor: Food Court and Resturant 

The 6th floor has restaurants and a popular food court.

The Food Court has several stores that sell delicious Thai food, including a Go-Ang Chicken Rice store.

Do check out the local traditional desserts when you are here. It's worth every bite.

Should you go to The Platinum Fashion Mall?

The Platinum Fashion Mall should be your first stop before you visit Night Markets, Chatuchak, or even malls. You could find similar items elsewhere, but you must pay a premium.

For more shopping locations in Bangkok, check out our 3-day, 2-night Itinerary with 10 Shopping spots where you can shop until you drop!

Need a place to stay? 

We recommend staying at Amari Hotel Bangkok, opposite the Platinum Fashion Mall. Read our review here.

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