Japan Day 3 : Nagano Hot Spring Resort

Nagano Hot Spring
 We reached the hotel at about 7 pm

Japan Day 3 : Takayama

Snow Mountains
We are heading to the mountains today. We did not expect to see snow during this trip and we are in for a pleasant surprise. It's my first time seeing snow up close. Kor Kor had seen it before during Beijing. It is also Grandparents first experience with snow.

Japan Day 3 : Kanazawa

Breakfast at Acty Hotel
Today we start off the day with breakfast at Acty Hotel. It's the hotel that w stayed in
We had a set meal today. This is how is looks like...

Japan Day 2 : Kanazawa

Sleeping on the bus
We took a 3 hour bus ride to Kanazawa. We will be doing some sightseeing in that area tomorrow


Japan Day 2 : Kyoto

Breakfast at Sky Lounge
We had breakfast with a view at the sky lounge at our hotel before departing to our next destination

Japan Day 1 : Osaka

Sakura Tunnel?
We were hoping for Sakura season in Japan. Unfortunately we are about 2 weeks early.
I guess we have to use our imagination!

Japan Day 1 : Travelling

Landed at Narita!

Chan Brothers Japan tour : Pretrip

I am Ready
Our Japan trip starts on 21 03 . We took a tour with Chan Brothers.
There were 16 of us in the tour. (6 from our group and 10 others)
Since we are a small group, there is no local guide to bring us to Tokyo


Official Address : www.TheWackyDuo.com

Our official address is at http://www.TheWackyDuo.com/

Why the change?
Previously we were thewackyduo.blogspot.com.
Daddy decided to drop the blogspot.com and made us a full fledge .com with our new address.


We are heading off to Tokyo in the next 24 hours!

Chan brothers tour

The Wacky Duo and their parents are taking a week off to Japan with grandparents
We will be joining Chan Brothers Tour
The Wacky Duo will  blog about our tokyo escape and maybe even a review of Chan Brothers Japan tour package . Look out for it!

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice
We had tickets to watch Disney on Ice on 17th March
Too bad Daddy has to work today


Happy Birthday C!

Happy Birthday!


Pizza Making at Pizza Hut

At Bedok Pizza Hut
Today Dad bought me to Pizza Hut Bedok for a special Pizza Making Workshop for Kids


Big C Birthday @ PizItalia East Coast Seafood Center

East Coast Parkway
We celebrated big C  birthday at PizItalia. C turned 5 on 12th March . PizItalia is located at East Coast Park Seafood Center. We chose the place as we heard that there was an indoor playground for kids in the premises. The place is easy to spot. It is the only Italian joint nested at the corner amongst the 'well known' Seafood Eateries . It is located next to Little Red house. A little lost perhaps?

Changi City Point Water Playground

Look out for the Signs!
It's Big C birthday and Mommy decided to bring the Kids out for the day (Daddy is working , so Mommy became official photographer) Today they will be heading to Changi City Point for the water playground there


Lunch at Orchid Hotel (Tanjong Pagar) - aka Big C birthday Celebration Part 2

Porridge Buffet
Big C birthday celebration continues.. Part 2 at Orchid Hotel . Porridge Buffet at only $15 nett!


Tampines 1 Water Playground

Walk this Way!
We headed to Tampines 1 for the weekend instead of Marina barrage as a result of the rain.


Casuarina Curry and Upper Thomson Road

Casuarina Curry
After our play at I12 Katong, we proceed to set off to collect some 'gifts' from Huggies. Daddy and Mommy also wanted to get something for Charles birthday. We drove all the way to Upper Thomson but we could not get the present for Charles

I12 Katong Waterplayground review

I12 Katong
We love the playground at I12 Katong . This is our third outing there in 3 weeks. I guess a little review is due for this.


A new Beginning

We are officially open for business
Welcome everyone to our brand new blog!