Why I stop buying LEGO ... for investment

LEGO has always been one of my favourite toys since I was a child.

As a child with limited means, my collection back then was a  humble small box or two of LEGO City sets. Yet I remembered the numerous times  I played 'make believe' and created many different transportation mode with my modest collection. The playing stopped when teenhood arrived.


June School Holidays activities for kids and families Singapore 2016

At the blink of an eye, almost half a year had gone past us.
That could only mean one thing.

It's holiday season once more!


Raising boys : A Daddy's perspective

Let you in on a secret.
I always love the thought of having a girl as part of the family. The notion of having M's Angel is one that had been on my wishlist since I married. It had always been a dream to walk my 'daughter' down the isle.


Lego Disney Minifigures - Feel Guide

It's finally here!
LEGO Disney Minifigures has landed in Singapore.

We had been collecting LEGO Minifigures since special themes are introduced to the line of LEGO Minifigures series. As before, we will be providing a guide to how to get your favourite Lego Disney Minifgure. The difference from the past is that we had decided to get a whole box for ourselves. After all this is probably the best license minifigures till date. We have no doubt that this will be highly popular too given the Disney connections.


Splash @ Kidz Amaze ( SAFRA Punggol) Review


Playgrounds are aplenty in Singapore. You have your indoor playgrounds, outdoor playgrounds, wet outdoor playgrounds. For a tiny nation, it would not be difficult to find a playground 20 minutes from where you are. There is one type of playground that is still missing in our tiny red dot.... that is until Splash@ Kidz Amaze opens its doors.

Welcome to Singapore first indoor Water Playground!