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A Glimmer of Hope?


Daily Dose: A Glimmer of hope?

The numbers reported for Covid19 fell below 100, a number that we had no experience in weeks/months since the outbreak in the dorms. 

On the economic front, packed malls, rising property and COE prices do not reflect the 'worse recession' since independence. A sign that the pandemic does not affect everyone equally.

1) 61 New Cases today

56 Dorms 

2 Community (SC)

3 Imported (2 LT Pass, 1 Dependant Pass)

While the dorms are cleared, there are still 22,500 workers serving quarantine. While the headline numbers are low today, there is still a chance for a higher spike when clearing this batch.

2 SC cases were identified. They have linked cases to existing cases. One of them is 1 year old!

Source: MOH

2) 2 Fairpirce Finest outlets among places visited by COVID 19 cases while infectious. 

Do note the following locations and self-monitor if you had been in the area.

  • Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre on Aug 8 between 9am and 10am
  • FairPrice Finest supermarket, Hvala cafe and Family First Chiropractic Clinic at 111 Somerset mall on Aug 8 between 1pm and 3.30pm
  • FairPrice Finest supermarket at Bukit Panjang Plaza on Aug 8 between 4pm and 4.45pm

Source: CNA

3) Packed Malls, rising property and COE prices do not reflect worse recession.

“Even though this is the biggest recession since independence, this is also a very uneven recession whereby certain segments of the economy are bearing the brunt more than the rest. Unfortunately, it is the lower-income group

Source: Today

4) New cases reported in dorms that were previously cleared.

Let's hope it will not a spiral to a never-ending issue.

Source: CNA

4) A mix of Online and in-person classes for undergrads

In the coming two weeks, university students starting the new academic year will be attending a mix of classes which will be conducted fully online or in-person on campus — in some cases, classes for the same module will involve a hybrid of both arrangements — depending on the number of participants for example.

Source: Today

5) Entry Restrictions at four popular wet markets to be eased from Thurs

 Entry restrictions at four popular wet markets here will be eased on weekdays from Thursday (Aug 13) onwards, after the authorities noticed that there has been little or no queueing outside the markets from Monday to Friday. 

Weekends restrictions still apply

The four markets are: The Geylang Serai Market, the Chong Pang Market at Block 104 and 105 Yishun Ring Road, as well as the markets at Block 20 and 21 Marsiling Lane and Block 505 Jurong West Street 52.

Source: Today

6) Perseids Meteor Showers in Singapore

Last chance to catch the Meteor Showers over Singapore sky

From 2am in the morning if you can wake up!

Source: TWD

7) Bintan Lagoon Resort to close after 26 years.

Popular gateway dor Singaporeans will close after 25 years.

Source: Today

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