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East Coast Park Ultimate Guide : All Attractions and Locations


The East Coast Plan revealed!

East Coast Park has been Singaporean's favourite Park for a little sun and fun. Despite its location, you have West-siders and Northern folks flocking to this part of the island to enjoy a day at the beach.

East Coast park is more than just a beach. This strip of land is about 15 km long and 185 hectares big. While some may head down to their usual spot at East Coast Park, there is more to discover from this park that stretches from Gardens by the Bay East all the way to Changi Airport. 

Other than just heading to the beach for a swim, bbq or biking, we found a lot more stuff to do at East Coast Park. The best part is most are free!

Rent a Bike

There are a total of 8 zones (areas) to discover at East Coast Park. To cover all in one day is almost impossible. We had seen snippets of what's at East.   Coast Park in numerous posts, but non had covered all of East Coast Park. We decided to take up the challenge and head out to East Coast Park to find the hidden gems.

Area A: Gardens By the Bay East, Founder's Memorial (2027), Marina Bay Golf Course, Benjamin Sheares Bridge, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay

Watersports, city views, and the relaxing breeze awaits in this zone.

Gardens by the Bay East (FREE)
Gardens By the Bay East Public carpark

This is our favourite spot for a morning jog. You have the city view as well as Gardens By the Bay as your backdrop. If you are lucky, you might spot otters or Monitor Lizards. Come here for the morning sunrises or evening sunset.

Founder's Memorial (2027)
Gardens By the Bay East Public carpark

The founder's memorial will only be ready by 2027. This Memorial honours Singapore's pioneer leaders. It will include a viewing gallery, a lake, a forest trail and an amphitheatre. Judging from the size of the clearance, this place would be huge!

Benjamin Sheares Bridge (FREE)
Gardens By the Bay East Public carpark

If you would like to have a bird's eye view of Singapore's Skyline, the access to the Bridge is via Bay East Garden. 

The big area under the bridge is also a good spot for beginners cyclists, yoga session or personal training sessions.

Check out our bicycle learning experience under Benjamin Sheares Bridge here

Marina Bay Golf Course
Marina Bay Golf Course Carpark

Singapore's only 18 holes public course. Anyone can join in and play. There is also, a driving range that can accommodate 114 range goers at any time.

Find out more here

Passion Wave@ Marina Bay
Gardens By the Bay East Public carpark

PA specialist community club offering a broad range of waterfront lifestyle programmes. Rental of windsurfing equipment and stand up paddling are available here.

Area B: Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant

Not as developed as other zones, but that is where tranquillity lies.

Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant (FREE)
Gardens By the Bay East Public carpark

The 'sibling' of Marina Barrage can be found here. Access to Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant is by foot or transportation such as bicycles. The nearest carpark to it would be from Marina Bay East. 

The Plant has an open-air grass area similar to Marina Barrage. It comes with a city view too!

Check out our review here.

Area C: Coastal PlayGrove, Marine Cove Playground, PArkland Green, Raintree Cove, Road Safety COmmunity Park Amber Beacon Tower, East Coast Park White Jetty

The unofficial playground area of East Coast Park. If you want to dine and play, this is the area to head to.

Coastal PlayGrove (FREE)
Coastal PlayGrove Carpark

The next viral playground just opened to the public. Taking over the defunct Big Splash, the place where Big Splash once sat will become a vertical playground complete with the tallest outdoor play feature in Singapore that is suitable for youth. 

It will feature a vertical net play area, vertical challenge and slides as tall as 11.9m. There is also a water play area, nature play garden, outdoor classroom by the sea. There are plenty of eateries here, such as Burger King, Old Town White Coffee and Food Splash - a multi-concept food outlet. Families can bring kids to eat and play here.

Road Safety Community Park (FREE)
Carpark B2

If you are an oldie like me, you would probably remember this space where you went to during primary school days to have a 'lesson' on road safety. Today, it is an open area for families with kids to ride safely. It is usually quiet, so you probably can bring your mini Aston Martin car for a ride there.

Marina Cove Playground (FREE)
Marina Cove Carpark

Before Coastal PlayGrove comes online, Marina Cove Playground reins as the ultimate playground at East Coast Park. Opened in 2016, it has an expansive playground suitable for kids 12 and under. 

Next to the Playground is a row of restaurants. Here you can find McDonald's that had been synonymous with this part of East Coast Park, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and My Biryani House. The weekends are usually packed, so do go early if you are heading there.

Parkland Green 
Carpark C1

Parkland Green has a couple of restaurants such as Sandbank and Atmosphere Bistro fronting the sea. It is essentially a dine and drink destination with its cafes, restaurants and bar. On weekends, it is also a destination for yoga and tachi enthusiasts. 

Amber Beacon Tower (FREE)
Carpark C1

The infamous yellow tower is well known as a spooky destination. Tales of floating lady in white to bloodstains on steps, it is not the place for the faint heated in the middle of the night. If you are wondering about the backstory, you can read it here.

East Coast Park White Jetty (FREE)
Carpark C1

This is one of the two Jetty along East Coast Park. Unlike the other famous Bedok Jetty, there are hardly any fishing activities here. 

At the Jetty area, there are also white pristine beaches perfect for beach volleyball.

Raintree Cove (FREE)
Carpark C4

Raintree Cove used to house Burger King and Long Beach Road. It has now turned into a green space with lots of swings!

Area D: Cyclist Park, East Coast Park Lake, cAmpsite D

This is the laid-back area of Area D. There is some food outlet here and a lake for you to zen out. This area used to house chalets where many older folks would fondly remember hosting their 21st birthday there. The chalets had disappeared, and a cyclist park took over its spot.

Cyclist Park (FREE)
Carpark D3

While you can cycle on the whole stretch of road by the coastline, this.     5.4ha park here is purposely built for you to practise. There are 2 courses, beginner and advance. You can ride over humps and turns to practise your biking skills.

There is also a small playground for younger kids.

PS Cafe - Source: Google Map

The cyclist park is touted as a one-stop hub with features such as a bike retail shop and a self-service bike repair station. There are also eateries for you to have a quick bite at KNS or PS. Cafe.

Lake at East Coast Park (FREE)
Carpark D5

There is a lake in area D. This man-made lake is unnamed and probably not frequent much. If you are looking for a quiet spot along East Coast Park, this is the place to go.

Campsite D
Carpark D5

If you are looking to go camping at East Coast Park, Campsite D is located in this area.

Area E: East Coast Seafood Centre, SWP Wake Park, Aloha Sea Sports Center, East Coast Lagoon Food Village Xtreme Skate Park, Bedok Jetty

This is probably the most visited area. The main attraction would be East.   Coast Lagoon Food Village. We are sure that every Singaporean would have been here at least once

East Coast Seafood Center 
Carpark E1

In the past, if you want authentic seafood, you would head to East Coast.   Seafood Center for the Chilli Crabs. The location by the sea is perfect for seafood. 

Today, Jumbo Seafood would be the most famous restaurant there with a whole building on its own. At the other building are restaurants like Long Beach and  Blue Pier Seafood Restaurant, among others.

SWP Wake Park
Carpark E2

Singapore's only cable ski park can be found here. This wake park is opened to both beginners and experienced riders. 

East Coast Lagoon Food Village 
Carpark E2

The most famous hawker centre in the East. East Coast Lagoon is a magnet for food lovers with its BBQ Stingray, chicken wings, fried oyster and satay offerings. Expect a crowd on weekends. At times, you might need to wait for a while for seats.

Aloha Sea Sports Center 
Carpark E2

Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling, and Laser Sailing is available for rental here.

Xtreme Skate Park (FREE)
Carpark E2

The other Xtreme sports you could do would be at the Xtreme Skate Park. This world-class Skate Park was built in 2009 and remains a favourite sport for daredevils.  Suitable for skateboards and bicycles. 

Bedok Jetty (FREE)

Bedok Jetty is popular among anglers to catch a fish. Fishing is allowed on this 300m long Jetty. There is sufficient space for both beginners or advance anglers to do some fishing.

It is also a great place for plane watching. Go during the morning and see the sunrise from here.

Area F : Bougainvillea Garden, Central Thai

The chill zone of East Coast Park. Not many people here compared to Zone E.

Bougainvillea Garden (FREE)
Carpark F2

After days of rain, the best place to see flowering plants would be Bougainvillea Garden at East Coast Park. There is also a small observation tower to see the garden in full bloom.

Central Thai
Carpark F2

Located opposite the Bougainvillea Garden, this standalone restaurant has a waterfront site.  Dine by the sea alfresco style. 

Area G: Water Venture, Outward Bound Singapore, Marine Parade Radio Control Modeller's Club, Glamping, National Sailing Centre


Clubs and Schools dominate this zone.

Passion Wave @ East Coast ( Formerly Water Venture East Coast Park)
Carpark G

Set up in 1987, this outlet is a haven for windsurfers. Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddling course are conducted regularly over the weekends. Parking can be quite challenging as the nearest carpark is located quite a distance away

More info here

Outward Bound Singapore (East Coast Campus)
Carpark G

This seems to be deserted for now as it is not listed on the OBS website. 

Marine Parade Radio Control Modeller's Club
Carpark G

Since F1 is postponed due to Covid19, you can do the next best thing. Join a Radio Control Modeller's Club and drive your very own racing car!

Carpark G

Stuck in Singapore and tired of a staycation?

Why not try glamping instead? 

Source: Glamping Singaproe

There are tents set up in this area by Glamping Singapore. You can opt for a couple of deluxe, a family suite or a Jumbo Tent. The tents are furnished with queen size bed, pillows, fans and a cooler box with ice. Save the hassle of getting camping equipment. Go camping with style instead.

Make your booking here.

National Sailing Centre
Carpark G

Sail away at the National Sailing Centre. Opened in 1999, it is the location for sailing competition in Singapore. Occasionally, you can catch the sailors in action when you are there.

This is also a good spot for plane watching as it is near Changi Airport.

Changi Airport Connector: Jurassic Mile

Bonus: Jurassic Mile 
Changi Airport Terminal 4

Technically, this is not located at East Coast Park. However, with the Changi Airport Connector, you can cycle from East Coast Park to the Jurassic Mile

Famous for life-size dinosaurs along a 1 km stretch, this place would be a fun place to stopover for families.

There you have it, the ultimate guide to East Coast Park. Visiting all places in a day can be quite tiring. We do suggest exploration by area instead. 

Discover East Coast Park like you never before.

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