The LONG and SHORT of Growing Up


There comes a point in time when you realised that you child is growing up. You know the moments when you go "Wow, he is a big boy now " type of scenario. It could be a visible milestone such as walking or growing taller, or a verbal one like making sentences and asking questions. It could also come in different forms and shapes you least quite expected.


Tokyo Holiday Planner for kids

Winter Tokyo

Holiday beckons  

As the end if the year draws near, it is time to have another vacation. This year we deliberately have more vacations both short and long, near and far. The reason for this extensive travel - it would be the last year Big C is going be in pre-school. Going forward, we do foresee with his Primary school days looming in the horizon, taking a holiday may not be as flexible as how we are doing today.


Kid's activities for September School Holidays 2013 (Singapore)

What another holiday!!!

It seems like June Holidays was just yesterday and now September School Holidays is upon us. It may only be a week long, but there are activities galore during this holiday starting from 7th to 15 Sept. This is the week reserved for most students to gear up on the final exams. Nevertheless all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Don't know what to do this holiday?


Primary one registration 2015 : Changes and impact

Daddy talk

Our elder boy had just completed his admission to primary school this year. During this year admission, there were a lot of noises made regarding the criteria for primary school admission. There were instances where after Phase 2A2 ,only a handful of spaces were left for those staying around the school. It had led to a belief that unless you are connected to the school via siblings, alumni or being an ex - student, the chances of getting into a popular school will be a distant dream, even for those staying within 50 meters of the school.


Blue Mountain : Activity Tour Review

The final attraction to wrap up our Sydney adventure is the Day trip to Blue Mountain. There were many tour groups going to Blue Mountain and we decided to use Activity Tour for this day trip.
Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house


3 is divine

Letter to Son

Three is Divine

In August, the nation celebrates its birthday. At the same month, the baby of the family celebrates his special day.

Three years ago on this very date, Little Lou was bought into this world. It seemed like only yesterday when I was cradling a tiny little baby in the hospital, holding him tight and keeping him warm in a swaddle of clothes. There in my arms lies one so innocent and pure.


Happy 48th Birthday Singapore!

We wish Singapore a Happy Birthday
Happy birthday my beloved motherland
You are 48th today, but you look better than when you where 18.
We may miss the chance to celebrate with you at the National Day Parade,
but we will always remember you on this date.


Australian Museum : Hype Park

Entrance to Australian Museum
It was suppose to be a day reserved for whale watching. Unfortunately our whale watching trip was cancelled due to bad weather. Since Sydney offers a lot of alternative opportunities for sight seeing, we decided to venture to the Australian Museum.


NDP 2013 Funpack revealed

The Bag
National day is just a week away.
For the privilege few who get to watch the NDP live, here is a little peek at what you will receive for the day - The NDP Funpack