Cafe Mosaic Weekend Brunch : Birthday Celebration

Cafe Mosaic
We last visited Cafe Mosaic for Brunch during Mother's Day last year.
We had a good time there as there were  free activities for kids during the brunch.


Are you ready for Primary 1?


MOE had introduced a new Kindergarten Curriculum framework aimed to give a guide for kindergartens as well as parents on what to expect the child would learn by Kindergarten 2

The firstborn is at K2 and would be 'promoted' to primary 1 next year. As a concern parent, I am interested in what is expected of my child in P1.


Yum Cha Chinatown

Yum Cha Restaurant
Yum Cha
A few weeks ago, we decided to take a trip down to Chinatown for their CNY celebrations. It is our annual pre Chinese New Year routine to be in Chinatown to soak in the Chinese New Year atmosphere.


Spring Celebration : Flower Dome

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A few weeks ago, Daddy was invited to preview the Spring Celebrations. When we saw the photos we decided to ask Daddy if he could bring us to see the 'orange' snake... so he did


Huayi : Chinese Festival of Arts 2013 华艺节 Esplanade

Huayi : Chinese Festival of Arts 2013
Liondance has been associated with Chinese New Year for centuries. In our quest to catch at least one Liondance performance for CNY, we found out that there will be one for the opening of Huayi : Chinese Festival of Arts 2013 华艺节  at the Esplanade.


River Hongbao 2013 春到河畔

River Hongbao 2013
On the third day of Chinese New Year 赤狗日 , we headed down to the Float at Marina Bay for River Hongbao 2013 春到河畔. Traditionally, this is the day where we cease visiting friends and relatives. It is also a day where the Chinese would visit God of Wealth. Since we heard that there will be an 18m tall God of Wealth (財神)at River Hongbao, we decided that this will be our activity would be for the day.


Happy Valentine's Day!

To all our readers

Happy Valentine's Day!
And if you are wondering, we are still single and avaliable.
Any takers?


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
The Wacky Duo would like to wish all readers and your families a very happy and properous new year ahead!
If you would like to soak in the atmosphere for the next 15 days, here are some selected Chinese New Year activities in Singapore for kids.


Rise and Shine : Blog Partner

We are selected as  Rise and Shine Partner Bloggers. Being a Partner Blogger, we thought we give you some insights as to what Rise and Shine is all about.


Best of Asia Mom and Dad blogs 2013

Whoo hoo!
Thewackyduo.com is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of Asia's best parenting blog for 2013 by Little Steps Asia, a Hongkong base informative website for families in Asia.



Spring Celebration @ Gardens By the Bay

Spring Celebrations @ Gardens by the Bay
Marina Bay Ambayssador : Media Invite

Flower Dome
Spring has arrived in Singapore!