Fog, smog, or haze

Fog : noun
Condensed water vapor in cloudlike masses lying close to the ground and limiting visibility.

I always have romantic visions of fog.

This was especially so when I spend a winter in London with my wife during our courtship days. It was cool and refreshing at the same time. Sure it may detered vision and at times block the scenery, but nonetheless, taking a stroll on a foggy day or night with your love one clinging close will be a romantic gesture I can tick off my list. The memory of eating fish and chips with the London eye half covered by the FOG at the background still lingers in my memories.

Ahh.. If only we have the same FOG back home.


Johnson's Baby active fresh Shampoo Review

As parents, we love to hug our little ones. We enjoy the 'baby smells' that comes from our children. However after a day of activities in hot and humid Singapore, the 'baby smells' are likely to disappear. As much as we love our children, hugging a sweaty and a potentially smelly one may not be every parent's desire.


LEGO Minifigures Series 14 Review : Monsters!

Lego Minifigures 14

The (LEGO) Monsters are coming!

Lego latest Minifigures series officially known as Lego Minifigures 14 will feature a full suite of familar monsters that will thrill you to bits this coming Halloween. Personally I am a fan of LEGO especially their special theme Lego Minifigures. Our past reviews will attest to that.

Usually LEGO Minifigures will comprise of minifigures of various themes. Series 14 is a little special as it has a common theme attached to it... MONSTERS. This series brings you the best compilation of minifigures in Monster form. From werewolf to zombies to ghouls to witches, you have a scary ensemble of LEGO Minifigures to scare the bejeeners out of everyone.


Hello School, goodbye Holiday...

The Cat in the Hat
Hello School, Goodbye Holiday...


LEGO Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team Up Review

Lego Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team up
If you had been a regular reader of the blog, it will come to no surprise if I told you that my hobbies lies in photography. The other 'passion' that I could indulge in with the boys is LEGO.


The Cat in the Hat Review

The Cat in the Hat @ DBS Arts Centre
"Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me NOW!
It is fun to have fun
But you have to know how."


September school holiday activities for kids 2015


In a blink of an eye, the September school holidays is back!

To maximise this one week break, we think these activities for kids will keep them occupied for this week. It may only be a week long, but there are tons to do. So without further ado, find an event or a place to play, see a play or catch a movie and last but not least , explore Singapore latest attractions for families.