What does 2030 mean to our children?

Dearest sons

Before I tell you what the future holds, perhaps I could take you down my memory road.


School Phobia

View from Daddy M
School phobia

It has been almost a month since Little Lou had started school.

As expected , going to school was not an easy task for the little boy. Since birth, he has not been separated from someone he is not familiar with till the start of school this year. It was a big step for him to be in a class of 10 unfamiliar faces and not be the centre of attention. ( I guess the situation should apply to the 9 other kids)


Superstar Virgo : Phuket Landmarks tour

Starcruise @ Patong Beach
We wrap our our Superstar Series with a day trip to Phuket

We reached Patong beach at Phuket on the 3rd day of our cruise. We booked the shore excursion for Phuket like what we did for Penang.The tour starts at 8am in the morning. We recommend an early breakfast at Bella Vista as the next meal may be about 6 hours into the trip.


Superstar Virgo : Penang shore excursion

Docked at Penang Cruise Center
We continue our Star Cruise Escapade with shore excursions. See our earlier posts.
Superstar Virgo Review
Superstar Virgo Restaurants


Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinatown : Year of the snake

It is the family tradition to take at least 1 visit to Chinatown in Singapore during the Chinese New Year celebrations.


Giant Pandas @ Singapore Zoo : Kai Kai and Jia Jia

Giant Panda Forest
The pandas have arrived in Singapore!
NO , we are not talking about Kungfu Panda. but the giants Kai Kai (凯凯)and Jia Jia (嘉嘉) from China.


Parenthood Package - The bottomline

Marriage and Parenthood Package a.k.a Make more babies package © Heybaby.sg

National Conversation
The much anticipated enhancement to the marriage and parenthood package was unveiled 2 days ago. Set to a tune of SGD 2 billion, it's main aim is to encourage procreation and to raise the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) to 1.4/1.5 in Singapore.


Abrakadoodle : Our Last Class

One last time!
Our last class at Abrakadoodble East Coast was last weekend.

We started the class half a year ago as an exposure to Arts. As I am quite wary of class setting, this class also helped to expose me to a 'school' environment and to prep me for pre nursery this year. I had managed to go from a screaming kid to one who actually look forward to art classes over the weekend.


Superstar Virgo : Restaurants review

Superstar Virgo Grand Piazza
Ever wonder what you can expect from dining in the sea?
We took a cruise on Superstar Virgo and would like to share with you our dining experiences on board


You are a big boy now...

I got mail?
Letter to C
Dearest Son

I had a chance to spend more 'alone' time with you and your brother over the last one week as Mommy was overseas on a business trip. That meant Daddy would be the sole parent in charge for a week. Being the resident discipline master, I am sure both of you would miss the soft touch of mommy. In addition this would be the perfect time for me to spend one on one time with you and observe your behaviour simultaneously (sans the protection of mommy)


Saying Nay to "Better Fathering Index"

Views from Daddy M

Kids : "Daddy , don't scold us, if you do I will report you and you will have a lower score. You may even fail as a Daddy!"


Superstar Virgo Review : Tour around the ship

SuperStar Virgo
All aboard Superstar Virgo
Our vacation for the December school holidays is a 4D 3 N cruise on Superstar Virgo. Our destination for this trip would be Penang ( Malaysia) and Phuket (Thailand) .
It was the first time the family was on a cruise together.


First Day in School

Getting ready for school
Jan 2nd.
It's my first day in school... pre nursery to be exact.
Woke up early at 645 am to get ready for school. I was all smiles when I put on the uniform. However I thought I was going to the zoo instead of school. (Must have heard wrongly the night before) The school uniform is similar to the one elder brother wears. It did not click in me that I was going to school as I thought it was another day out for the family.


New Year's Resolutions for the journal

It's about us

It's a brand new year ahead of us. We had a whirlwind 2012 and we enjoyed every moment of it. It was also the year that we were exposed to sponsorship and media through our journal.