We are 1

On 1st March 2012, thewackyduo.com was introduced into the blogosphere. Since that day, our lives had been transformed in more ways than one. We turn 1 this month. This post may be belated, but the significance of the anniversary is not lost on us.

Easter Weekend

Today marks the day where we would remember Jesus death on the cross.


Fish@Big Splash Longkang Fishing

Fish@Big Splash
It's Friday evening and the last friday of the school holiday. After a visit to SEA Aquarium in RWS, we were eager to go fishing for our own fishes.The last time we went on a fishing expedition was at Kid's Kampong at Pasir Ris.


Equarius Hotel RWS Review

Equarius Hotel


It's back to RWS for a short staycation over this March Holidays. This time round we decided to take the 3D2N All attractions package which consist of

  • 2 nights stay in a deluxe room in Equarius Hotel
  • Daily Breakfast for 2
  • USS entrance tickets for 2
  • SEA Aquarium tickets for 2
  • Adventure Cover ticket for 2


My Birthday Celebrations

I am 6!
It's time for another birthday.
This year there was a surprise birthday party for me organised in school. More on that on a later date. 


Taking a break!

The Wacky Duo is going for a short staycation. We will be back next week with a full review of our escapade.
In the meantime do enjoy our schedule posts for the rest of the week :)
Have a nice holiday!


Guide to Kid's Dentist : Singapore

Visit your dentist early for prevention.
Google Kid's Dentist or Paediatric Dentist in Singapore.

You will be surprise by the information ( or lack of ) available. This is probably because most parents do not think it is necessary to bring the toddlers to dentist. After all the first set of teeth of a toddler will most likely drop when they approach the age of 5 , thus there is not much urgency to deal with dental issues of the toddler.


Excuse me, are you a model?

The Model
My First official modelling assignment

The invitation came via an email from Tfk.com( Truly Fabulous Kids), a new homegrown online fashion store to model for their range of clothes.


The missing hair clip

One morning, Mommy had woken up and found her hair clip disappeared from her bedside table.
The older child who was sleeping on a mattress next to her side of the bed was questioned on the disappearance. The child was made to get up from his bed and search for the hairpin that he might have allegedly played with the night before. Worried that he might get a scolding, he got up and began to search for it under his pillow and blankets. He even tried to move the bed for fear that it may have slip underneath it.


March School holiday activities for kids(Pre-schoolers)

March School holidays is upon us again.
It may be a short 9 days , but it will be action pack.
Since we are in kindergarten and not childcare, it means we have a holiday as well!
Are you a pre-schooler like us?
Join us as we prepare for a week of fun, learning and play!


Happy 6th Birthday Big C!

It seems like yesterday when you are a tiny 46cm tall baby in my arms. You had arrived 2 weeks earlier than your due date. You were so fragile and I would cradle you in my arms to protect you. Our lives change the first day you step into the world. For one I became a Daddy.


Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil

Scotts Emulsion Original and Scotts Emulsion Orange

There was a time back in the 80s where mothers all over Singapore religiously feed their children a white concoction. I am sure at least half of you would have a taste if Scott's emulsion Cod Liver Oil at some point of your life. After all Scott's the leader for fish based Children's health supplements with a 40% market share in Singapore (according to Nielsen Kid's vitamin market for Dec 2011 to Nov 2012)


Bay East Revisited

Scooting to an awesome view
It's time to head back at Bay East Gardens. We are fans of Bay East and love scooting in the park. This is one of our leisure / sporting activity when we take a break from shopping malls, events and playgrounds.