10 things you should know as a first time Dad

Following my letter to my sons a fortnight ago on how I felt as a first time Dad, I decided to make a list of the ten things you should know when you become a newly mint Dad. In honestly, being a new Dad can be intimidating to some. Thus keep these tips in mind. It may just help you, your baby and even your wife during this transition to fatherhood.


Puffing Billy Melbourne : A Choo choo Experience

Choo Choo.
We are heading to Puffing Billy.


Letter to Sons : Emotions of a First time Father

Dearest Sons

You may like to think I became a father when the elder of you was born. The truth is that I started wearing the Father 'hat' on the day your mom and I discovered your presence.

It was 8 years ago that the journey started. The discovery of a blue cross indicator across a clearblue pregnancy kit kicked off the beginning of a chapter that will continue for the rest of my life. To be sure of the news, your mom took the pregnancy test twice before sharing the news with me. We had been planning for the arrival of the first for almost a year and we were glad that that the result of the test was positive.


To ban or not to ban?

Recently I was asked to give my view on the banning and pulping of books by NLB. The books in question are Tango makes Three, The White Swan Express : A story about adoption and Who is in my family ? All about our families. Just yesterday, it was reported in the Straits Times more books by Robbie Harris ( author of Who's in my family) are going the way of the do-do, at least at the premises of Singapore libraries. The books in question are 'It's so amazing', 'It's not the Stork' and and an ironically name title ' It's perfectly normal'.


Persian Garden @ Gardens by the Bay

Step into the world of Perisan Garden at The Flower Dome @ Gardens by the bay. This is the latest floral interpretation of 'paradise on earth' . This would be GBTB 4th edition of the 'Gardens by the Bay goes round the world ' series.


Melbourne for kids

Melbourne is touted as the world most livable city since 2011. Given its status, we were bursting with anticipation for a trip there. We aim to discover what Melbourne has in store for the little ones and would assess if the city is worthy to its claim to fame.


Kids 'n' Me Katong V : Aunty Amy

Kids N Me @ Katong V

Update Dec 2016 
Kids N Me is now closed. You can reach Auntie Amy directly at 91551744 for a haircut.

If you have been with us for a while, you would probably notice the ' Korean' hairstyle of the boys. It had become a trademark of The Wacky Duo, and more often than not, they were noticed because of it.

The boys' hair had been styled by our favourite hairdresser Auntie Amy for the past 7 years . We had followed her since her stint at Parkway Parade. She had since moved to Kids N Me at Katong V and naturally the boys insisted that we had to follow her as they do not want anyone else to style their hair!


Best Places to watch National Day Parade Fireworks NDP 2014

National Day is coming in less than a month. This could only mean one thing, the season for Fireworks is upon us!

This year would mark the last year NDP may be celebrated at Marina Bay Floating Platform. With a new Stadium Ready for next year's Singapore 50th year birthday, this would probably be your last chance to catch the Fireworks around Marina Bay during National Day.


Wotancraft : Etan Camera Bag Review

Wotancraft Etan
I must admit one thing before I start this post. Other than blogging, my other and perhaps only 'hobby' would be photography. In all honesty , I do not see myself as a good photographer. With no formal training , the shoot and learn philosophy dominated my learning curve.

Yet every once in a while , I would indulge my hobby with either a new lens , an upgraded camera and even a camera bag. Given that I am not one to spend freely on fancy gadgets or latest fashion trends or even wine and dine in luxurious restaurant, this little whee bit of indulgence is acceptable in my books.

Thus when the itch came to purchase another camera bag to suit my current needs, I finally bow to the temptation and purchase the Wotancraft Etan. 


A Wacky June Holiday

Let the boys have their moments of fun in the sun.

June holidays practically blaze past us like a speeding comet. It was a month packed with activities and events. Books can take a back seat ( but honestly they do not disappear ) while memories are made.

Here is a quick look back to the fun we had as a family over the past one month. This June Holidays prove to be the busiest month for the family till date. So without further ado, here we go!