Thankful 2014, Hopeful 2015

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Soon 2014 will drift into history

This past one year has been generous to TheWackyDuo.com . We were blessed with the support given by our sponsors, the opportunities to share new experiences. Last but not least, we are grateful for your increasing and continuous readership.


From Phuket to Tokyo

The holidays will be coming to an end for this year and guess what?

We will sorely miss it!

This year we embarked on not one but two holidays back to back. Looking back,it was a little insane to do especially since we did something similar a year back. Given that 2014 was a challenging year for us, we decided to forge ahead as a little reward. This was also a good time to rejuvenate and be recharged for the year ahead.


Merry Christmas!

To all our readers, we wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas day!


Top 10 Playground rules .... for Parents!

If you have been following us for a while, you would probably notice the Wackies love their playtime especially at Indoor Playgrounds throughout Singapore. Most of the time, the boys have their share of fun in the playgrounds. However there are occasions when accidents do happen.


RWS Hard Rock Hotel Staycation

Our holidays kicked off with a Staycation in Hard Rock Hotel.Having experience Festive Hotel and Equarius Hotel in RWS, it is time to expand our RWS repertoire with a stay at Hard Rock Hotel.


Universal Studios : Celebrating Snowy Christmas at Santa's Land

Snowy Christmas at Santa's Land


 We love to visit theme parks during Christmas. During this time, theme parks are usually dress up with a huge Christmas Tress and special programs to mark this special festive period. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is no exception. Since this is the first time we are visiting the park during Christmas season, we had huge expectations of the events lined up.


The 10 best gifts for Christmas

Christmas is coming.

Before you rush out to the malls to buy the latest toys or the latest gadgets your child demands, ask yourself this question. What presents do they really want?

Here are ten presents that do not cause a cent. The true value is priceless and would be cherish by the little ones.