June School Holiday Activities for Kids (Singapore 2015)

Holiday Season is upon us once again. This mid year break is the perfect antidote that students around Singapore to crave for. For parents with exam taking school children, it also meant a break for them from mugging with the kids.

Don't have a clue what to do?

No worries as we bring you our specially curated mega list of June School holiday activities for kids. We do this so hardworking parents would find it easier to chill with their children during this one month break.Bookmark us as we bring you our mega annual PLAY , LEARN, SEE and EXPLORE list of June School holiday activities for kids!


LEGO Simpsons 2 minifigure : Quick Feel Guide

The Simpsons is back in town with the latest LEGO Simpsons 2 Minifigures.Since this is our third review of the LEGO Minifigures series, you would probably realise by now that I am an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO). It is good thing too that The Wacky Duo are fans too, so it gives me the excuses to hunt look for the latest LEGO goodies.

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Made In Penang Interactive Museum

Made In Penang
Trick Art Museum is the rage for the past years. Trick Art museums have been popping up all around the world. We had experienced Trickeye Museum @ RWS and Alive Museum @ Suntec City Singapore. We even ventured to Trickeye Museum @ Phuket. That probably qualify us as 'veterans' of Trickye Art.

That was why we visited Penang, the island known for its street arts that had its inspiration in Trick Art, we just had to visit Made in Penang Interactive Museum. Incidentally, this trick art museum is one of the latest attraction that has spout out in Penang.


Mother's Day is everyday

Mother's Day began with a treasure hunt for Mommy. The boys hid their artwork that they had 'secretly' drawn over the past week.

It was a short treasure hunt. After all it is Mother's Day and it would be unfair to let Mommy do all the work. So the boys aided her with not so subtle hints or obvious placement of the many gifts they prepared.

After about 10 mins of hugs and kisses, it was back to routine for Mommy.


Singapura : 700 Years

Singapura : 700 years
With Singapore celebrating SG50 this year, it will be great to explore the history of Singapore as an island. The best place to see Singapore transformation will be at Singapura : 700 year exhibit at National Museum of Singapore.


Adventure Zone @ Golden Sands Resort Penang : Killer Slides!

Adventure Zone

A visit to Penang with kids should always include a visit to Adventure Zone. If you are travelling with children under 12, this would be THE indoor playground to bring your kids to.

And the reason: The Killer Slides!