2012 , It's a wrap!

It's the last day of 2012 or what one would affectionately call New Year Eve

This is the time we take stock and look back into 2012.

It is indeed a whirlwind year especially since we revamp and relaunch the journal on March 2012. Pre-March 2012 was almost a yawn comparing to what happened post 2012. It felt like our lives were magically transformed and we were transported to another era.

We are thankful and grateful to those who had a part in this transformation. It has indeed been an amazing journey.

Many thanks

  • To our new found friends who made our experiences especially special .
  • A special mention to OMY who opened the door for us by nominating us as Best Family Blog finalist. We admit we were humbled and bewildered by the nomination as there are many more worthy family blogs in Singapore. Nevertheless it inspire us to do better for the rest of the year.
  • To our sponsors who had given us the opportunities to participate in exclusive events and review unique products. The experiences we had are one of a kind.
  • Last but not least, to our readers both old and new who continue to visit and support our humble journal. A big thanks to your unwavering support!

Without further ado, we will attempt to look back into our past year. The start point would be from March 2012, where the transformation begins.











Whew, that is quite a list. It has been rewarding not to mention exhausting year. Still we would not trade it for anything else as each experience we had is unique and one of a kind.

There are those who asked, how do we do it? It is all about priority, both of our parents are working full time. We learn that during weekdays, they would have to concentrate on their work. Come 6 pm every Friday , we know we have their undivided attention. Weekends had become action packed days filled with activities. So much so that every sleep on a Sunday evening is always met with the loudest snore.

We can't wait till 2013 and see what is in store for us.

In the meantime , we would not sleep today because we would be at Marina Bay as part of the Official Marina Bay countdown bloggers . If you happen to see us there, say Hi. We would love to wish you all

xoxo The Wacky Duo

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