Sayonara 2013

2013 is on the edge of disappearing. Nonetheless it will be etched into our memories.


Best Places to watch Singapore New Year Eve Fireworks 2014

Countdown over Marina Bay
Christmas may be over, but in less than a week's time, the world will be preparing for another major celebrations... New Year Eve 's Celebration.The celebration will not be completed without a kaleidoscope of Fireworks to light up the sky worldwide. In Singapore, the perennial countdown will happen at the familiar Marina Bay Area.


Merry Christmas !!!

It's Christmas Day...A day we rejoice in the birth of Jesus.
It is also a day to give thanks, celebrate and share the joys and well wishes amongst your love ones.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our family, friends and readers a Blessed Christmas Day!


Writing a will in Singapore

Life Spices

Have you thought about writing a will?

Like many, I have always thought of writing one for the family, however it had never materialised to date. I guess I am not the only one as there are many who had thought about it but NATO ( No Action Talk Only) at the end of the day. As morbid as this topic may get, the reality is that writing a will may be necessary to protect your love ones. We do all that we can as parents to protect and safeguard our children while we are alive. It will be an irony that we undo all that in death without a proper will. Imagine not leaving your assets to the one you meant to protect or to the one that most deserved it. All your well intention when you are alive will come to naught upon your demise.


Pizzeria Mozza - Fine Pizza at MBS

During our window shopping at MBS, we had a sudden yearning for pizza.


Christmas Sugar Mountain@Gardens By the Bay

Garden Angel
Super 'Christmas ' tree
Christmas arrives at Gardens by the Bay.

When we were told that we will be going to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay to see the new Christmas Sugar mountain display, we did not quite know what to expect.

Would there really be a mountain of sugar on display ?


The Journal

The Journal
School is out!

One of the more interesting thing Big C had done in School is the journal. He had to update our journal every other week on his experiences during the weekday. Thereafter it will be a show and tell session in class.


Pitstop : Waterways@Punggol [Kid's Friendly Restaurant]

Pitstop : Waterways Punggol
" Daddy we want to go McDonald's playground , can???"

" Let's try something different today, but I promise got playground ok?"


Choosing a School Bag For Primary One

In about a month's time, Big C be embarking on his Primary One journey. One of the main changes in Primary one would be that he would need a bag to carry his school books. Compared to Kindergarten where he does not bring bag to school, this will be major change in his way of life.


Children Playground @ Gardens by the Bay

FEO children's playground
We are going to tell you a secret... There is a new playground in town. It is one of the largest we have been to date, comprising of 5 different stations catering to children from age 1-12. Best of all, it is free!!!