Redux : Why Daddy Blogs?



A year ago I wrote a post on 'Why Daddy blogs?'


Kampung@ Simpang Bedok

Kampung @ Simpang Bedok
"Let's go to a kampung today!" 


Mommy bloggers in Singapore


Sometime ago, I had written an article on Daddy Bloggers in Singapore. I had mentioned that Daddy Bloggers are a rare breed in Singapore and Mommy Bloggers are almost 1000 times more than Daddy Bloggers.


Day Out @ Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios
Watch out Universal , we are back!
As part of our staycation in RWS over the March holidays, our dear daddy decided that he would bring his brood over to Universal Studio.


Daddy, can you play with me?

Sad Face taken with LG Optimus G



It's a mad rush for datelines. You have to complete your work by the next day with only an hour or so to spare before nap time. You left the child at his room, playing with his own toys while you stowed away to your hideout, the study room. You locked yourself down , preparing for what is a battle ahead, a battle against time.


My first ice skating experience @ Changi Airport

We have tickets

Special Invite
A few weeks ago , we had shared how kids can have fun at Changi airport T3. During our last visit to Changi Airport, we did not get to try the Fascinating Russia Ice skating as it was close on that day. We had express our disappointment and would most likely have miss the events as it was running for just another 2 weeks.


Daddy Matters : An Introduction

Teaser Ad
On April Fools day, there was an announcement for the formation of Singapore Men Bloggers by The Blogfather. The news was a godsend, finally someone decided to set up a community for the other half in the blogsphere. Alas the next day, it was announced as a joke.


Our first Date : 11 years ago


Dearest Sons
On this date, 11 years ago, your mom and I went on our first date.We decided on coffee/tea in a place call Yellow Submarine located at Far East Square.The origin of our date was hazy. There were debates on whom had initiated the date. Regardless, what turned out to be an afternoon tea date became a supper meal at the end of the day.


Kids Fun @ Changi Airport Terminal 3

LG Optimus G @ Terminal 3
What do you do when it is pouring in Singapore?

For most of us, we will be seeking the comforts of indoor warmth. In cases like this when the kids would like to play, Changi Airport would normally be our choice destination for an impromptu night out.


Wacky Giveaways

Cocoa b
Heads up!
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