Alcatel One Touch Flash Review


 As parents we would love to restrict our children to smart phones and gadgets. However more often than not, good intention tend to fall by the wayside. Since we could not fight the smart phone revelation, we decide to embrace its benefits. Like the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them.
The elder boy is getting to an age where he might need a phone of his own for emergency. So it was a pleasure when Alcatel provided us the Alcatel One Touch Flash for this review.


A to Z Guide to Club Med Bintan for Family


Club Med is famed for their all inclusive holidays. From the moment you set foot on the resort to the day you leave, you can be assured that everything is taken care of. From transfers to the resort, meals , activities , accommodation and entertainment, everything had been plan carefully during your stay. As a family, we had yet to experience Club Med. Thus when the door knocked, we gleefully accepted the invitation to experience Club Med Bintan. It was hard to resist a holiday where we do not need to plan months ahead for. It was refreshing to simply pack our bags and go!

We reckon most travelers would at least want to know what to expect in the resort, so this A-Z guide to Club Med Bintan would be most useful.


Ninja 101 Workshop with LEGO Ninjago

Build Play Fun

 A disclaimer before we start this post.

The boys in the family , including yours truly are huge fans of Lego. The boys current favourite collection from LEGO is Ninjago. They probably have amass 4 or 5 sets of the series.
So if this post sounds bias, it probably is!


Now Showing : The Smurfs "Live" On Stage


La La La-La La La... Sing the Happy Song.

I grew up in the 80s. I remember every Sunday switching on the 20 inch telly ( yes they were that small back in the 80s ) and Smurfs will be showing. It was my weekly must see show. PaPa Smurf, Brainy, Smurfette and Gargamel are familiar names as I grew up watching their adventures. I still recall having a collection of those blue toy figures. As for The Wacky Duo, their encounters with Smurf was at a lesser extent, having watch the Smurfs movies and playing with Smurf toys from Mcdonalds Happy meal.

When we got wind that the Smurfs will be performing live on stage at RWS, we decide to Smurf ourselves an invitation for it. After all this is their first live performance on stage in Singapore.

Transformers Platinum Seeker Squadron flies into town!

Going Wacky over Transformers Platinum Seeker Squadron
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Last week, the boys had a unexpected surprise from Hasbro Singapore. A big box awaited them that coincide with last day of school exams. As much as they wanted to, they decided to wait for their Daddy before unwrapping the 'reward' to mark the end of mugging for tests. Afterall there are 3 toys I'm the box and the boys in the family get to share one each.
The Seeker Squadron had landed !


Living with Art : Art for your home


 A picture is worth a thousand words.

A painting that speaks to you will be priceless.


Jubilee at the Botanic

Temasek presents : Jubilee at the Botanics

As part of the nation's Golden Jubilee celebration, Temasek presented free garden concerts on the lush grounds of Botanic Gardens over the weekend. Jubilee at the Botanics brought the combination of Western and Eastern music to the masses over a 2 day musical journey. The first concert featured the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) while Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) wrapped up a fine evening of music on its final day.


Flowery Fun Times with Nursery Rhymes @ Gardens by the Bay

Do you know the first known compilation of English nursery rhymes was believed to be published in 1774?

It was entitled " Tommy Thumb's Song Book' and contained famous nursery rhymes such as London Bridge is falling down and Rock-a-bye baby.