Protect yourself from Zika Virus ( and other Mozzies related diseases)

Over the weekend , news of Zika Virus spreading in Singapore cause a stir in this tiny red dot. The last count was a staggering 41 confirm infection over 2 days. Given that dengue numbers averages 200-600 per week, this number would only increase on a daily basis.

Compared to the dreaded annual haze which we had experienced on Friday, this is a potentially scarier situation. It is well documented that Zika Virus pose a threat to pregnant women as there is a risk of transmission to the unborn babies, resulting in babies born with abnormally small head ( a disease known as microcephaly)


Pinnacles, Lancelin Dunes and Lobster Shack tour Review

If you had been following us, you would have probably read about our Self Drive Holiday to Perth. During the trip, we took a day tour out of Perth City to explore the Pinnacles and Lancelin Sand Dunes. These are the 2 natural formations reachable within a day from Perth and would make a great day out for Perth visitors.


The Stranger in the Car

The Wacky Duo
It started off like any other day .

Except today we picked a hitchhiker in Singapore. A rare phenomenon in this little red dot.

We were driving out for another outing of the day . The moment we turn out of the estate , an elderly woman stood in the middle of the road and stopped the car on the spot. Seeing that we were immobile , we rolled down the window to talk to her . She stepped forward , headed to the passenger window and asked for a ride .


Introducing Traditional Teochew Mooncakes from Thye Moh Chan

The Wacky Duo
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When the invitation came to review Thye Moh Chan Mooncakes, it was taken with a sense of nostalgia. Thye Moh Chan was my late Father-in-law favourite restaurant in Chinatown Point. The iconic Teochew confectionery is famous for their traditional Tau Sar Piah.


Singapore FIRST Olympic Gold Winner : Joseph Schooling

Source : Rio Olympics

Singapore has put herself on the world map of Sports courtesy of our local swim champ - Joseph Schooling. It is a proud moment for all Singapore. It is not just about the victory of one man, but it is about carrying the hopes and dreams of the nation on his shoulders.


Tips for buying from Kickstarter

Kickstarter is the world's largest for creative projects. You can find innovative projects at a decent price there.

However, I was a sceptic. I had heard stories that projects from Kickstarter would never come to fruition. However the more I explore Kickstarter , the more items caught my eye.


Happy Birthday Singapore

This year National Day will be a little muted for us. Compared to previous years, there was no fireworks chasing, no parade previews , no actual day celebration on Marina Bay Float. After the inclusive SG50 celebrations that we can enjoy even without a ticket, this year NDP seemed to be localised at the National Stadium.


Top 10 Essential Household items for Emergency

 What are the items you absolutely need in the house for emergencies?

Yes we know, there are 24 hours shops in Singapore. You can easily pop into your neighbourhood  7 Eleven should you need any items. Nonetheless, it is good to have the following items available in the household for those pesky moments when you need them IMMEDIATELY.


Whale Watch Augusta @ Margaret River

The highlight of our trip to Margaret River was the Whale Watching Tour we did in Augusta. We are no strangers to Whale Watch, having been to one in Gold Coast Australia.