2012 , It's a wrap!

It's the last day of 2012 or what one would affectionately call New Year Eve

This is the time we take stock and look back into 2012.


Celebrate the Holidays!

Weekender Feature
Views form Daddy M

(Repost - Original article was posted on Nov)
Full article from Weekender is avaliable here


We survived 21 12 2012

We made it!
We survived Dec 21st 2012.

This can only mean one thing...

More wacky times ahead!


End of the world : Survival list

Tomorrow is 21 Dec 2012
Before you start reading, please read the disclaimer first.

Thewackyduo.com does not endorse 211212 theory, this article is not sponsored nor was it written as a matter of fact. Take it with humour and jest. It may be a pure waste of time in the next 48 hours. Written purely for informative purpose. This article is not mean to create fear or distress. If you are in such a position after reading the headlines, perhaps it may be wise to stop reading here.


Raising an iPad Generation

Parenting 101
Views from Daddy M

Over the weekends, I was invited to a brunch over at Seb Bristo hosted by Julia Gabriel along with a group of parent bloggers. It was to be a mixture of Daddy and Mummy bloggers, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had an all Daddies session.The daddies present were Vincent (Roaming Glass) ,Winston (Dear Xander & The Blogfather), Andy (Sengkang babies) and Nick (nickpan)


Singapore Science Centre review

Singapore Science Center
A couple of weeks ago, we decided to head west to Singapore Science Center. Given that we live in the east, a trip like this is akin to travelling 'overseas'


Everything with Fries

Everything with Fries
We had a mini birthday celebration for Mummy at Everything with Fries.
It was an impromptu celebration as we were looking for a dinner place for Mummy's birthday.
Everything with Fries was started from the good people of Awfully Chocolate. Given it's founder reputation, we were eager to try this quaint little restaurant.


Billingham Hadley Small Review

Billingham Hadley Small
Views from Daddy M
The Perfect Bag for OM-D
I do not profess to have a hobby ( unless you count updating this journal as one). The closet activity that resemble a hobby would probably be photography. I mainly photograph my kids and love the way photos bring life to memories. I am but a novice , having yet to go for courses to get acquainted with my A & S ( Aperture and Shutter), Nevertheless I was infatuated intrigued with my current camera OM-D and was on the lookout for the perfect bag to house it.


Singapore for Kids : Holiday Planner

Welcome to Singapore!
Ever wonder what an overseas parent may plan for a holiday in Singapore?

As a small country, we do not have much natural attractions that could make us an obvious choice as a holiday destination for tourists. Travel magazines used to say that you can cover Singapore in just 2 days. Thereafter you should use Singapore as a springboard to explore the rest of Asia.


Milestone : Say hi to the tooth fairy!

Look Ma , no tooth!

The tooth decided to take a vacation overnight.


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Jacob Ballas Children Garden turns 5!

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
Jacob Ballas Children's garden has turn 5!
They celebrated this event with a Carnival on 18th November