Light Vs Dark @ Singapore Philatelic Museum

Troopers @ Singapore Philatelic Museum
"You underestimate the power of the Dark Side"
Darth Vader


I am a quitter... and I am proud of it.

Letter to Sons(Daddytalk) 

 Dearest Sons
Daddy is going to tell you a secret. A secret that even your grandparents are unaware of. I am not sure how this revelation will affect your life in the future, but I would like to be truthful to both of you. Hopefully you may be able to earn a thing or two from Daddy's experience.


Sentosa day out for less than $100

The Jewel Box
The challenge:Spend $100 or less for a trip to Sentosa with a family of 4
It's the Vesak Day holiday.We wanted to do something we have not done before, so we decided to head down to Sentosa with a budget of $100 for a family of 4 ( 2 adults and 2 kids age 2 and 6) with the sole purpose of seeking new experiences.


June School Holidays activities for kids Singapore 2013

The mid year holidays are upon us once more. This is the time when the kids roam wild all over this little island. If you are looking for ideas, we have compile a mega-list of over 50 happening events and activities for kids. They are divided into Play, Learn , See and Explore . Targeted at kids age 12 and below. We will update the list bi-weekly when new activities are added. Do bookmark this page!


Brother Love

Letters to Sons
Dearest Sons
I write this letter with a smile on my face . In these short years I have seen some interactions amongst brothers that are too sweet to believe and at times too bitter to stomach.Here are Daddy's top 3 dislikes and  likes on the interactions between the both of you.

Top 3 Dislikes
We don't see eye to eye every time


Katong Park : Fort under the Park

Katong Park
It's the weekend. We had made a habit of finding parks to roam for the past month. Usually we would go to a park near our house for our parents weekend runs, while we exercise at the park's playground. Today we decide to take a detour and found ourselves at one of Singapore oldest park, Katong Park.


SIngapore Top Indoor Playgrounds

All work and no play makes the Wackies a dull Duo

It is no secret that we are Playground Junkies.

Over the past 2 years, we must have visited countless playgrounds both indoors and outdoors. So it is only apt that we have an updated list of Singapore top indoor playgrounds. In no particular order, here is a brief of what to expect in the playgrounds selected. We only bring you what we had experienced, so these choice play places are the ones we had visited over the course of the past 2 years.


Happy Mother's Day!

Once a year, we have a special day on the calendar for all mothers.
On this day we would like to honour our Mother.
Till the day we can create our own poems, we will share one we like.


From Turf City to The Grandstand

Remnants of The former turf cub
The Grand Dame returns
Turf city had a recent change in management and after going through months of upgrading , it is now rebrand as The Granstand.


Fidgets World @ The Grandstand

Fidgets@The Grandstand
It's May Day, which means a holiday for us.Daddy decided that it is a good time to venture to the heart of Singapore , Bukit Timah district , to a place we were quite familiar with ... Fidgets!


All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth ...

Say cheese

The background story

Remember our dental visit back last month. Unfortunately during the dental check up, I discovered that my teeth was in a bad shape. The teeth had decayed as a result of baby bottle teeth decay. In a matter of months since the discovery , the teeth had rot so badly that there is a possibility of infection on the gums.