2012 , It's a wrap!

It's the last day of 2012 or what one would affectionately call New Year Eve

This is the time we take stock and look back into 2012.


Celebrate the Holidays!

Weekender Feature
Views form Daddy M

(Repost - Original article was posted on Nov)
Full article from Weekender is avaliable here


We survived 21 12 2012

We made it!
We survived Dec 21st 2012.

This can only mean one thing...

More wacky times ahead!


End of the world : Survival list

Tomorrow is 21 Dec 2012
Before you start reading, please read the disclaimer first.

Thewackyduo.com does not endorse 211212 theory, this article is not sponsored nor was it written as a matter of fact. Take it with humour and jest. It may be a pure waste of time in the next 48 hours. Written purely for informative purpose. This article is not mean to create fear or distress. If you are in such a position after reading the headlines, perhaps it may be wise to stop reading here.


Raising an iPad Generation

Parenting 101
Views from Daddy M

Over the weekends, I was invited to a brunch over at Seb Bristo hosted by Julia Gabriel along with a group of parent bloggers. It was to be a mixture of Daddy and Mummy bloggers, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had an all Daddies session.The daddies present were Vincent (Roaming Glass) ,Winston (Dear Xander & The Blogfather), Andy (Sengkang babies) and Nick (nickpan)


Singapore Science Centre review

Singapore Science Center
A couple of weeks ago, we decided to head west to Singapore Science Center. Given that we live in the east, a trip like this is akin to travelling 'overseas'


Everything with Fries

Everything with Fries
We had a mini birthday celebration for Mummy at Everything with Fries.
It was an impromptu celebration as we were looking for a dinner place for Mummy's birthday.
Everything with Fries was started from the good people of Awfully Chocolate. Given it's founder reputation, we were eager to try this quaint little restaurant.


Billingham Hadley Small Review

Billingham Hadley Small
Views from Daddy M
The Perfect Bag for OM-D
I do not profess to have a hobby ( unless you count updating this journal as one). The closet activity that resemble a hobby would probably be photography. I mainly photograph my kids and love the way photos bring life to memories. I am but a novice , having yet to go for courses to get acquainted with my A & S ( Aperture and Shutter), Nevertheless I was infatuated intrigued with my current camera OM-D and was on the lookout for the perfect bag to house it.


Singapore for Kids : Holiday Planner

Welcome to Singapore!
Ever wonder what an overseas parent may plan for a holiday in Singapore?

As a small country, we do not have much natural attractions that could make us an obvious choice as a holiday destination for tourists. Travel magazines used to say that you can cover Singapore in just 2 days. Thereafter you should use Singapore as a springboard to explore the rest of Asia.


Milestone : Say hi to the tooth fairy!

Look Ma , no tooth!

The tooth decided to take a vacation overnight.


Instagram profile

Instagram is now on the Internet

Check us out at http://instagram.com/thewackyduo

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Jacob Ballas Children Garden turns 5!

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
Jacob Ballas Children's garden has turn 5!
They celebrated this event with a Carnival on 18th November


Tips on Travelling with kids

Parenting 101
Top 25 tips on travelling with kids

It's the holiday season. Since this is a long holiday for kids, parents would most likely plan for vacations for the kids. The Wacky Duo would like to give our take on travelling with kids below 5.

Disclaimer : Tips may not work for all kids !

Planning a trip


How to decorate a Christmas Tree

Here we go
It's Christmas season.
The malls are all decked out in Christmas fashion. The traditional huge 50 foot tree, the dazzling lights and the not so subtle Christmas SALE does the mood for the big day.


Be Safe Not Sorry

Weekender Feature

Views from Daddy M

An advice on safety while travelling with kids


No more naming of Top Student in PSLE : A boon or a bane?

Views from Daddy M

PSLE Results are out today

To all the students who are eagerly awaiting this result ; Good Luck and God bless!


Dec 2012 School holidays : Singapore attractions for kids

You have seen our Part 1 and Part 2 of our Dec School Holiday special features

Dec 2012 School Holidays : Travel Destinations for kids

Dec 2012 School holidays : Activities and workshops for kids in Singapore

Now for the final instalment


NTUC Fairprice Voucher Giveaway

A few months back, we had announced that we are U Family Blog Champion
As a reward for our readers,  we are hosting a NTUC fairprice vouchers giveaway as U Family Blog Champion.


Raising a child from Zero to Two: Financial Cost in Singapore

Parenting 101

Views from Daddy M

We had highlighted the myths and realities of raising a child from age 0-2. Now it is time to look into the finanical aspect of raising a child in Singapore.


Ybikes Glider and Ybike Original Review and giveaway

Ybike Glider and Ybike Original
Every wanted to ride like the wind?
The Wacky Duo had the opportunities to do just that.
From the good people of Global Outsource Solutions , a pair of Ybike Glider (for me) and a Ybike original (for Didi) were provided for a trial


Birthday celebration @ Orchid Cafe

Orchid Cafe

Feeling hungry?

We revisited Orchid Cafe on a Sunday afternoon. Orchid Cafe is located at Orchid Hotel at Tanjong Pajar. They have a Teochew porridge buffet spread for lunch. We are celebrating another birthday at OC. This time it will be our cousin Xiaver's 2nd birthday.


Canopy@Changi Airport Terminal 1

All ready for a mini adventure @ Canopy
There is a new indoor playground in town!
We read about this new playground from Our Little Smarties and we decided to explore it!


Dec 2012 School holidays : Activities and workshops for kids in Singapore

Dec 2012 School holidays Activities part2
This is part 2 of our mega list of school holidays activities, our part 1 can be found below

Dec 2012 School holidays : Travel destination with kids


Raising a child from zero to two : Myths and Realities

Weekender Featured
Parenting 101

There are countless parenting guides out there in the market. But honestly in today’s busy world, how many actually pick a guide up and read it. Moreover, such parenting guides may not be in sync with the local context and rendered it nothing more than a glorified coffee book.


Dec 2012 School Holidays : Travel Destinations for kids

Dec 2012 School holidays activities part 1

It's vacation time!
If you have kids, you will know that nov / dec is a traditional time for families to take their break from work and school. Vacations with kids are never the same as your honeymoon vacations,
Sit back while The Wacky Duo takes you around the world ( edited :maybe some of the world) with our holiday travel destinations for kids. See our reviews for a first hand account of the travel destinations.


Year End School Holidays : Activities List (2012)

The holidays are upon us again. The Wacky Duo will present you a bumper list of things to do this for this 6 weeks break. We crack our heads so yours will be intact !


Weekender Feature : Daddy Bloggers in Singapore

Weekender Feature
Views from Daddy M

To the new readers who 'landed' here due to the Weekender article, a very warm welcome. You may like to get to know a little bit more about us here. Feel free to explore our life journey and enjoy your stay here!


Raising the fertility rate in Singapore

View from Daddy M

A help package to boost birth rate out next year
This is the front page headline on Straits Times over the weekend.

Happy Halloween 2012!

Happy Halloween!
 The Wacky Duo wishes our readers a Happy Halloween!


Pasir Ris Kid's Kampong

Pasir Ris Kid's Kampong
A couple of weeks back , we had a relatively quiet weekend. Daddy decided to bring us to somewhere off the beaten track. Given that it is most probably exam period for primary schools, Daddy reckoned that this place would probably be less crowded.


Bay East Gardens : Gardens by the Bay

Palm Grove @ Bay East
We had been to Bay East Garden twice over the last month.
Bay East Garden is a part of Gardens by the Bay
It is located off Tanjong Rhu Road .
We are ardent fans of the Gardens by the Bay, given our numerous exploits at Singapore's latest attraction.


Lego Batman Visual Dictionary review

My Children's Day Present - LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary
I have a surprise present on Children's Day. I had 'complained' to my parents that Teachers get presents on Teacher's Day but not the children. I was hoping that Daddy would fall into my bait and get me a toy for the occasion. He did not get me a toy specifically but he got me a book that I would most definitely enjoy- LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary.


Da:ns Festival 2012 : Esplanade

Da:ns Festival 2012 : Esplanade
Put on your dancing shoes as Da:ns festival hits town!

About Da:ns festival
Da:ns festival is festival celebrating dance in various forms. There are performance and workshops featuring different dance techniques. Free fringe programmes are also available.
The theme for this festival is ' Dance to Love'


Halloween for Kids : Singapore 2012

Event alert

About Halloween
Billed as the scariest night on earth. It is a night for ghouls of all sorts to roam the earth.

The Wacky Duo prepares a Spooky 13 list of Kids -friendly Halloween party and events, so you can dress up in your spooky best.

Ready to Trick or Treat?


Abrakadoodle : A new term

We blogged about attending Abrakadoodle back in August.

We attended a term of the school and we decided to renew for another term.


Blog stats disappeared!

Blogger user alert

Blog stats ( page views) have been wiped out to zero for most posts. Blogger stats counter have been reset to zero as of about an hour ago.

Not sure if this is a glitch, but it does become an issue especially if your blog stats shows a billion users and suddenly it resets to 1 ( If you listen attentively , you may actually hear some bloggers screaming right now!)

Choosing a primary school in Singapore.

Parenting 101

(Daddy's view)

Choosing a primary school in Singapore

Dearest Sons

Last weekend your mom and I had a discussion.



Talking to kids or hearing the kids talking to each other talk can be hilarious , enlightening and sometime mind boggling.


LEGOLAND Malaysia Miniland

About LEGOLAND Miniland
(Daddy's View)

LEGOLAND Miniland is considered to be the centerpiece of all LEGOLANDS throughout the world. The theme for each park differs from one another. The Minilands would focus on landmarks found in the region that they are situated in. Miniland is called as it showcase mini replicas of landmarks made from LEGO bricks. Some exhibits are said to take more than 1 year to build. Upon entering Miniland, you will feel like you are a Giant within these mini landmarks.


Dr Seuss' The Cat in the Hat Play

The Cat in the Hat
“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.”
-Dr Seuss' The Cat in the Hat


Children's Day Activities 2012 Singapore

To all our peers, tomorrow is Children's Day. We would like to wish all our young readers an advance

Happy Children's Day!

Get your Mummies and Daddies to spend a quality Children's Day weekend with a little help from our Top 10 Children's Day Activities.


Tik Tok Lunatik Review

Tik Tok by Lunatic
Views from Daddy M
 As you may be aware, I had my watch stolen in Bali. From that incident, I learnt that even with travel insurance, you can only claim up to $500 per item for most travel insurance.


Legoland Malaysia Review

 We have gave you the A to Z  Guide of Legoland Malaysia. Now it is time to embark on a full review of Legoland Malaysia.
Legoland Park Map


LEGOLAND Malaysia : A to Z Guide

A to Z guide to LEGOLAND Malaysia


Bali Safari and Marine Park review

The Entrance to Bali Safari and Marine Park

We had eagerly anticipated our trip to Bali Safari and Marine Park. This is supposed to be a theme park targeted at families with kids. Given the lack of child specific attractions in Bali, this seem to be a good respite for us amidst the cliffs, temples and sunsets. Furthermore we are veterans of theme parks , having been to 10 different theme parks around the world, thus we associated theme parks with fun.


Candle Night 2012

Event Alert

The Fullerton Heritage and Lighting Planners Associates along with Marina Bay Singapore proudly present Candle Night 2012

Add caption


Bali for Kids - Ubud, Tanah Lot , Kuta

A walk in Ubud
We continue with our mini day trips in Bali.
Part 1 can be found here.


Bali for Kids

It's holiday time at Bali.

We took a 5 days 4 nights trip to Bali. We will give you our suggested daily itineraries as well as our take on the individual attractions through our ' innocent' eyes.

This is a 2 parts post. Part 2 : Ubud, Tanah Lot, Kuta can be found here


Prelude to Bali

Preparing for the flight
It's holiday time!
Bali was our destination during the September holiday. The whole idea was to relax with our extended family in our own villa. We intend to do some sightseeing in Bali, visiting its major tourist attractions and their kid's friendly theme park, the Bali Safari and Marine Park


4 Season Taiwanese Cuisine @ Joo Chiat Road

Views from Daddy M

It was a Saturday night. The kids were exhausted after a long day of classes and play. They went to bed early and the missus and I had the chance to venture out of our house to a nearby eatery in Joo Chiat Road
(Advice for parents : we need time out from the kids and go on our little dates once in a while)


Be safe , not sorry

Parenting 101

An advice on safety while travelling with kids

Dearest Sons

There are many times we took things for granted. Living in Singapore does create this sense of security (we hope it will continue to do so when you are Daddies) and sometimes it translates to the places we travel to as well. These misplaced sense of security could sometime result in a high price to pay for a vacation.


Legoland Malaysia Grand Opening!

Event Alert
Picture from CNET Asia

Mark your calender! Legoland is opening in 5 days time! (September 15th)


Haircut and Milestone

Preparing for my haircut
You may wonder what does haircut got to do with a child milestone. You may be surprised to learn that going to a haircut in our household is often a challenge for us, thus conquering it equates to a milestone.


September School Holiday Activities 2012 for kids - Part 2

Part 2 
Top 5 Vacation Hotspots for September Holidays
Top 5 Workshops for Kids for September Holidays

This is Part 2 of the Top 20 September school holiday activities. The Wacky Duo explore vacation hotspots and workshops specially plan for kids this holiday week in Singapore and beyond!

Part 1 of this mini guide can be found here


Paternity Leave and Pre School education : Additional suggestions

Views from Daddy M
Source : The Straits Times
National Day rally threw up a few interesting measures that are works in progress

The 2 family related measures that would interest most are
1) Paternity Leave
2) Pre School Education


September school holidays activities 2012 for kids

Part 1
Top 5 Things to Do for September Holidays
Top 5 Events for Kids for September Holidays

School holidays is upon us in less than a week's time.


Ikea Catalogue 2013 : The Countdown begins!

Event Alert

Ikea will be launching the 2013 catalogue in Singapore on 29th Aug

The Wacky Duo are fans of IKEA Singapore
See our recent IKEA makeover for our Study Room


Singapore Art Museum Open House

Singapore Art Museum
We dropped by SAM ( Singapore Art Museum ) on Sunday. It was free due to the Hari Raya Puasa Open House event. SAM is located at the ex - ST Joseph's Institution premises. Build in 1855. This magnificent building was restored and preserved as a National Monument to house SAM.


Apple TV Review :Singapore

Views from Daddy M

In case you are unaware, Apple TV Landed in Singapore
Apple TV in Singapore

I chanced upon the Apple TV when I was in the Nubox Apple store. For those who have not heard about Apple TV, you can read all about it from their official website.