Thankful 2014, Hopeful 2015

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Soon 2014 will drift into history

This past one year has been generous to TheWackyDuo.com . We were blessed with the support given by our sponsors, the opportunities to share new experiences. Last but not least, we are grateful for your increasing and continuous readership.


From Phuket to Tokyo

The holidays will be coming to an end for this year and guess what?

We will sorely miss it!

This year we embarked on not one but two holidays back to back. Looking back,it was a little insane to do especially since we did something similar a year back. Given that 2014 was a challenging year for us, we decided to forge ahead as a little reward. This was also a good time to rejuvenate and be recharged for the year ahead.


Merry Christmas!

To all our readers, we wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas day!


Top 10 Playground rules .... for Parents!

If you have been following us for a while, you would probably notice the Wackies love their playtime especially at Indoor Playgrounds throughout Singapore. Most of the time, the boys have their share of fun in the playgrounds. However there are occasions when accidents do happen.


RWS Hard Rock Hotel Staycation

Our holidays kicked off with a Staycation in Hard Rock Hotel.Having experience Festive Hotel and Equarius Hotel in RWS, it is time to expand our RWS repertoire with a stay at Hard Rock Hotel.


Universal Studios : Celebrating Snowy Christmas at Santa's Land

Snowy Christmas at Santa's Land


 We love to visit theme parks during Christmas. During this time, theme parks are usually dress up with a huge Christmas Tress and special programs to mark this special festive period. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is no exception. Since this is the first time we are visiting the park during Christmas season, we had huge expectations of the events lined up.


The 10 best gifts for Christmas

Christmas is coming.

Before you rush out to the malls to buy the latest toys or the latest gadgets your child demands, ask yourself this question. What presents do they really want?

Here are ten presents that do not cause a cent. The true value is priceless and would be cherish by the little ones.


Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story



"All Children, except one, grow up."


Mid life confessions of a 40 year old Dad

Dearest Sons
You old man is a year older over the weekend. I turn 40, but who's counting.
That being said, I am probably somewhere in the mid point of my existence on earth . At this age, the onset of mid life crisis begins as I assess my own mortality on earth. Still it is my birthday, a day to celebrate milestones rather than to dwell on the fragility of life.


December School Holiday activites for kids 2014

How fast a year pass by end again. This could only mean one thing, SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!

As everyone know the year end November / December school holidays is THE holidays all school children in Singapore look forward to. After all this is the time they can set their daily schoolwork aside, take a well deserved break before the rat race continues. We love to give you a headstart to plan for the school holidays, so sit back and join us as we bring you our BIG annual PLAY , LEARN, SEE and EXPLORE list of December School holiday activities for kids for 2014.


Toothbrush for Kids : Manual or Mechanical

Brushing teeth has been a daily ritual that we do not miss come rain or shine. It has been a habit that is taught since the kids are young for good reasons. Brushing teeth helps prevent decay and keeps the Dentist at bay.

Brushing teeth for kids should start from day 1. It does not matter that the tooth only appears when the child turns one. Brushing is essential to protect the baby's gums from young.


Junior Claus : Merry Review & Happy Giveaway


Christmas is just round the corner!

It may be November but Christmas spirit is in the air. The Orchard Road Christmas light up , the Christmas trees popping up in malls, the start of the search for the Christmas presents are all little reminders that Christmas is near .

To soak up the atmosphere, we began November with a musical from The Little Company, Junior Claus. After being wow by The Cat in The Hat and The Nightingale, we had high expectations with Junior Claus. Would this festive production light up our Christmas spirit?


Spooky Halloween Activities for Kids 2014

Add caption
The scariest day of the year is upon us. For the third year running, we bring you THE list of Halloween Activities for the little spooks !
Promising to be not so creepy, the following activities are a good excuse for the little ones to dress up and enjoy the festivities.
It's time for Treat or Trick!


Learning through PLAY for preschool kids

Edutainment activities

 If you have a preschool child at home, you might face this issue. How to teach a child who refuse to learn? 

I have 2 boys with very different attitude towards learning. The first is diligent and accepts his daily routine of revision and homework. The second is the complete opposite. Homework is a dirty word and he prefers to play than to sit still for 10 minutes to complete his ABC.


Lego Minifigure Swap @ Legoland Malaysia : Reality or Myth ?

Have you heard that you can swap your Minifigure with staff of LEGOLAND Malaysia?It was a practise officially launched a year ago on March 2013. When we talk to Big C about it , he was excited and bought along some of his Minifigures for a trade. Will he succeed in his challenge?


Indian Safari @ Gardens by the Bay

Indian Safari @ Gardens By the Bay
"Gardens by the Bay goes around the World" Series of floral displays continues with a botanical expedition to India. This time the Flower Dome is transformed to a mini jungle where you would see Tigers and Elephants. The majestic Peacock, India's National bird takes center-stage as it is clothe in vivid blooms of marigolds, orchids and pansies .


iPhone 6 Plus : Size comparison

iPhone 6 Plus
It's Thursday, so that means some time out for techie fun! iPhone 6 Plus was launched almost a month ago. After a long wait, it had finally landed in the household.

I was contemplating between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The decision was not an easy one given that iPhone 6 Plus was embroiled in Bendgate controversy. However given my previous phone was the Samsung S4, trading that in for a similar iPhone 6 seem a tad unnecessary. Thus my head was turned to the iPhone 6 Plus as it has a larger screen , runs on the reliable IOS system and has image stabilization for its camera. These extras does help especially when my eyesights are deteriorating due to age, I am an Andriod failure and I use the phone as a secondary camera.


Guide to Kid's Bank Account in Singapore

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Since Big C has his own allowance when he started primary school, he had been diligently saving his excess pocket money in his piggy bank. After saving a decent amount, it is time for him to have his own bank account. This is also a perfect opportunity to introduce the world of banking to him.

It can be quite a headache when it comes to choosing the 'right' bank. Most banks do provide a child banking account. However each bank has its own set of rules and the requirement and fees differ from one to another, making opening an account challenging.


Kidsstop @ Singapore Science Center

Kidstop@Science Center

 Want to go to a playground that allows preschoolers to lower primary school children to play and learn at the same time?

If the answer is yes, Kidsstop will be the place to head to!


What does it take to be a Daddy Blogger?

If you had followed us for a while, you would have known that TheWackyDuo.com is written mostly be yours truly.

Who am I ?!? 

I am a proud father of 2 boys. Since I am in charge of the posts on this blog, it effectively makes me a Daddy Blogger, a rare breed in today local Blog-sphere. Before I start, I would like to add, these views are my own. Shaped and formed by my humble existence into the world of Daddy Bloggers for the past 8 years.


SG50 Activities : Celebrating Singapore 50th Birthday

SG 50

Singapore will be having a big birthday bash to celebrate 50 years of independence in 2015!

Recently we had our first foray in National Day Parade. It was an event to remember. With patriotic fervour running through our system, we could not wait to see what in in store for next year's milestone event. Thus when we were invited to preview SG50 roadshow, it was a trip we had to make to Toa Payoh hub.


The Complete LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia Guide

Legoland Hotel opened its doors to public in 2013. It has almost been a year since its opening that we decided to make a trip there.

Guess what?

Better late than never!


Star Wars Miniland @ Legoland Malaysia

'May the force be with you'


The Nightingale Serenades

The Nightingale
'What is it ? The Nightingale? I do not know it at all, and it lives in my empire."

Over the weekend , we manged to catch the musical adaption of 'The Nightingale ' by The Little Company. This one hour plus musical retells the famed fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson.


Our People Our Home : NDP 2014

National Day may hold different meanings to every Singaporean. To some it is a day of celebration, to wish the nation a Happy Birthday. To others it is a day of pride, appreciating the fact that our little nation had grown in strength from its origins as a  fishing village to a modern city state. There are those who reckon that it is just another holiday.

For us, it is a day we celebrate our roots as Singaporeans. On this day , we proudly adorn our Red and White outfits to honour the nation.


Orchid Extravaganza @ Flower Dome

Orchid Extravaganza
'Gardens by the Bay goes round the world' series is back. This time we are visited by the Orchid Extravaganza found in Asia.


September School Holidays activities for kids

Holiday season is back!

It may be a short one week holiday, but rest assured, children (and parents) all over Singapore will want to maximize the one week break. Final exams can wait. It is time to recharge the batteries with activities for kids for this holiday.


Trickeye Museum @ RWS Singapore : Guide for Families

Glad to meet you!
Singapore first Trick art museum from Korea opens it doors at Resort World of Singapore. Here you can take unbelievable 3D like photos from the use of mainly 2D artwork.


Happy Fearsome 4!

Dearest Lou

How time flies when you are having fun.


Adina Apartment Flinders Street Melbourne : Review

Adina 88
Ever since our last trip to Sydney, we had became fans of apartment living. We love the homely feel of apartments. It does help that most apartments are more spacious with added facilities like a working kitchen , dining room and living room.


The Great Ocean Road : Melbourne's Best Tour Review

You have not been to Melbourne if you have not visited The Great Ocean Road. This is the road to take which will bring you to the famed The Twelve Apostles, a collection of limestone stacks by the Great Ocean Road.


10 things you should know as a first time Dad

Following my letter to my sons a fortnight ago on how I felt as a first time Dad, I decided to make a list of the ten things you should know when you become a newly mint Dad. In honestly, being a new Dad can be intimidating to some. Thus keep these tips in mind. It may just help you, your baby and even your wife during this transition to fatherhood.


Puffing Billy Melbourne : A Choo choo Experience

Choo Choo.
We are heading to Puffing Billy.


Letter to Sons : Emotions of a First time Father

Dearest Sons

You may like to think I became a father when the elder of you was born. The truth is that I started wearing the Father 'hat' on the day your mom and I discovered your presence.

It was 8 years ago that the journey started. The discovery of a blue cross indicator across a clearblue pregnancy kit kicked off the beginning of a chapter that will continue for the rest of my life. To be sure of the news, your mom took the pregnancy test twice before sharing the news with me. We had been planning for the arrival of the first for almost a year and we were glad that that the result of the test was positive.


To ban or not to ban?

Recently I was asked to give my view on the banning and pulping of books by NLB. The books in question are Tango makes Three, The White Swan Express : A story about adoption and Who is in my family ? All about our families. Just yesterday, it was reported in the Straits Times more books by Robbie Harris ( author of Who's in my family) are going the way of the do-do, at least at the premises of Singapore libraries. The books in question are 'It's so amazing', 'It's not the Stork' and and an ironically name title ' It's perfectly normal'.


Persian Garden @ Gardens by the Bay

Step into the world of Perisan Garden at The Flower Dome @ Gardens by the bay. This is the latest floral interpretation of 'paradise on earth' . This would be GBTB 4th edition of the 'Gardens by the Bay goes round the world ' series.


Melbourne for kids

Melbourne is touted as the world most livable city since 2011. Given its status, we were bursting with anticipation for a trip there. We aim to discover what Melbourne has in store for the little ones and would assess if the city is worthy to its claim to fame.


Kids 'n' Me Katong V : Aunty Amy

Kids N Me @ Katong V

Update Dec 2016 
Kids N Me is now closed. You can reach Auntie Amy directly at 91551744 for a haircut.

If you have been with us for a while, you would probably notice the ' Korean' hairstyle of the boys. It had become a trademark of The Wacky Duo, and more often than not, they were noticed because of it.

The boys' hair had been styled by our favourite hairdresser Auntie Amy for the past 7 years . We had followed her since her stint at Parkway Parade. She had since moved to Kids N Me at Katong V and naturally the boys insisted that we had to follow her as they do not want anyone else to style their hair!


Best Places to watch National Day Parade Fireworks NDP 2014

National Day is coming in less than a month. This could only mean one thing, the season for Fireworks is upon us!

This year would mark the last year NDP may be celebrated at Marina Bay Floating Platform. With a new Stadium Ready for next year's Singapore 50th year birthday, this would probably be your last chance to catch the Fireworks around Marina Bay during National Day.


Wotancraft : Etan Camera Bag Review

Wotancraft Etan
I must admit one thing before I start this post. Other than blogging, my other and perhaps only 'hobby' would be photography. In all honesty , I do not see myself as a good photographer. With no formal training , the shoot and learn philosophy dominated my learning curve.

Yet every once in a while , I would indulge my hobby with either a new lens , an upgraded camera and even a camera bag. Given that I am not one to spend freely on fancy gadgets or latest fashion trends or even wine and dine in luxurious restaurant, this little whee bit of indulgence is acceptable in my books.

Thus when the itch came to purchase another camera bag to suit my current needs, I finally bow to the temptation and purchase the Wotancraft Etan. 


A Wacky June Holiday

Let the boys have their moments of fun in the sun.

June holidays practically blaze past us like a speeding comet. It was a month packed with activities and events. Books can take a back seat ( but honestly they do not disappear ) while memories are made.

Here is a quick look back to the fun we had as a family over the past one month. This June Holidays prove to be the busiest month for the family till date. So without further ado, here we go!


The League Against Evil: A DC Super Heroes Exhibition @ SingaporePhilatelic Museum

DC super heros @ Singapore Philatelic Museum

The DC Superheros are in town to celebrate BATMAN 75th anniversary. Guess where are they holding this party?

At Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM)!

This has been a favourite venue for famed Superheros and famous movie characters from Ironman to Star wars. There is no chance that we will miss this, so up, up and away we go to SPM.


Taipei Top 10 Tourist Activities

The Little Brick Man @ Taiwan
It had been quite a while since I last traveled with friends. It was almost 4 years since the last trip with office colleagues. This time we managed to squeeze in a short 4 days 3 nights break at Taiwan.

Since this is a trip without kids, the travel post will be slightly different from our usual focus on children activities. Instead this should appeal to travelers looking to travel in groups to Taipei.
Traveling around Taipei City is relatively easy. The Taipei Metro takes you to most major attractions around Taipei. For those attractions not near a Taipei Metro station, cabs are aplenty and relatively affordable as an alternative.

Without further ado, here is a top 10 tourist attractions list for Taipei.


Army Museum of Singapore : Cadets fall in!

Army Museum of Singapore

Ah Boys to Men, serving two years
For our nation, our country
With blood, sweat and tears
We'll be , marching on with pride and glory
Because we love our land and want it to be free
Lyrics from Ah Boys to Men " Recruit Anthem"


June School Holidays activities for kids ( Singapore 2014)

The June school holiday beckons. Soon kids in Singapore and their parents can look forward to this mid year break. This is also a great opportunity for families to bond during this exam free period.
Planning for an activity to do ?


Singapore Best Indoor Playgrounds ( 2014 - 2015 -2016-2017 Edition)

It is time for a reboot!

Our original post on the top indoor playground in Singapore is a perennial favourite among our readers. It had been constantly on the top of the weekly reads even though the post was about 1 year old. So it is apt that we have a reboot version. Over the past 1 year, we have (surprise surprise!) visited more indoor playgrounds throughout Singapore. It will be our pleasure to give you an update on the new kids of the block !



LEGO SIMPSONS Minifigures Series Guide

It is an open secret that we are LEGO fanatics. Since we had reviewed the last LEGO Movie Minifigures Series, we thought it will be great to do a follow up with the latest LEGO minifigures series The Simpsons LEGO minifigure series.


Bonjour : French Flaire

The French are usually associated with love. There are many theories but we think it might be a result of the following :

It has the language of love. With words like 'Amour , Je t'aime , Des fleurs , who would not fall in love just by hearing these words. (Which mean Love, I Love You and Flowers in plain English)

It has one of the universal symbol of Love - The Eiffel Tower . It is said that unofficially hundreds if not thousands proposed at Eiffel Tower every week!


Happy Mother's Day!

Mother [muhth-er] - Verb
To love, nourish, protect , teach , comfort, guide, nurture, support, embrace, cherish, reassure

Mother's Day Card


Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360
If you have been following our Hong Kong activities for kids, you would have noted that Ngong Ping 360 was one of the recommended activities for families. Truth be told, we are Cable Car nuts ever since we visited the Cable Car Museum @ Sentosa.


" Look up " by Gary Turk

We are a generations of idiots, smart phones and dumb people.
Every once in a while, a video will catch our eyes."Look Up" by Gary Turk is one of such video.
If you have not heard, 'Look up" is fast becoming one of the most viral video on Youtube. With over 13 Millions views and growing since it was uploaded on 25th April, it's popularity is undeniable. The main reason for this popularity would be due to the subject it touches... social media and life. 2 things that have been intertwine in many urban lives.


Noah's Ark Hong Kong Theme Park Review

Noah's Ark
The Journey

Most people would be familiar with Noah's Ark . Noah's Ark is the vessel in the bible build by Noah to save his family and a pair of the world's animals from the great flood.


Pasarbella @ The Grandstand

The Little Brick Man @ PasarBella
Over the Easter weekend , we decided to head down to the Grandstand for a little R and R. For the boys, the most obvious destination will be Fidgets which they thoroughly enjoyed. We were expecting it to be packed due to the long weekend and were pleasantly surprised by the smaller crowd.