Adieu 2016 : A Blog Recap

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2016 had come and go.

Another year had gone past us. Time may fly by us, but not the memories. Here is a recap of what we had done in 2016


Best Place to watch New Year Eve Fire Works : Countdown 2017

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One more week to new year eve. Since New Year Eve is on a Saturday and you have a long weekend thereafter, it is the perfect excuse to head to Marina Bay to watch the New Year Eve Fireworks.

Guess where is the best place to catch the Fireworks in Singapore?


USS Santa's All-Star Christmas : Sneak Peak

USS Santa All Stars

Having been to last year's USS Santa's All-Star Christmas, we knew we just had to be back this year.
Initially we wanted an earlier trip, but due to our holidays overseas, time is a limited commodity. Still we managed to pay a visit last night thanks to our semi annual pass we bought on our last staycation.
There is still at least a week more to enjoy the festivities. So if you are heading down, this is what you would expect!


Star Wars Jedi Training @ Disneyland Hong Kong

Jedi Training :  Trials of the Temple

 “Fear is the path to the dark side.”

Our last trip to Disneyland HK brought us some new interesting finds. Star Wars has expanded its universe in Disneyland and has now taken over Tomorrow land. With the force strong in Disneyland HK, we had to hone our Jedi skills to prepare ourselves for battle. Our first stop was at the Jedi Training : Trials of the temple , a newly open attraction for 2016.


Loosen the knots with Foam Rollers from PRIMERO Fitness

Do you run regularly or do aerobic exercises?

Do you feel your muscles all tie up in a knot after an exercise routine?

Foam rollers may be the key to loosen up the muscle knot.


A Sparkling Christmas @ Hong Kong Disneyland

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Hong Kong Disneyland was our first Disneyland we explored back in 2009. Since then we had been shuttling between Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, Our last visit to HK Disneyland was back in 2014. After a hiatus of 2 years, we are back to celebrate 'A Sparkling Christmas' at HK Disneyland.


8 Staycation destinations in Singapore

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Scratching your head for a staycation in Singapore?

A staycation is a great way to rediscover Singapore. It allows us to see Singapore through the eyes of a tourist. For recommendations on things to do, we always read fellow bloggers experience. At times we would use travel portals such as Expedia.com to discover new attractions or a new experience around Singapore. The location of the staycation would be dependent on what we would like to do for the staycations.


How to make a Pizza @ Atmosphere Bistro and Pizza making Workshop


Want to make a Pizza? 

Pizza is probably the favourite food for 99.99 % of kids if they have their way. The Wacky Duo are no exemption, they love to eat Pizza and love it even more to make it themselves. In fact we had attempted our own homemade Pizza in the past. Thus when the invitation for Pizza making workshop comes along from Atmosphere Bistro and Bar @ East Coast Park, we simply could not resist.


7 ways to celebrate Christmas in Singapore + A Christmas gift from us!

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Christmas has always been a favourite season in the household . It is not just about the Christmas gifts we receive and give , but about the blessings of the season and the origin of Christmas to celebrate the Birth  of Christ. It is also a season where many celebrate regardless of religion . Christmas is a time for many to mark the end of the year , a time to check if a child is naughty or nice ( for the presents) and an opportunity for families to gather.


One Mark to Perfection

The Wacky Duo

What mark do you see when you receive your child's test paper?

"Well done 99/100!"

"All the mugging and study session works!"

"What a relief , exam is over. As long as you did your best , results are irrelevant ."

"It's a miracle ..."

"Only 99/100 , why so careless? "

If your response is the last one, read on...


Gingerbread House Workshop @ The Line Shop : Shangri La


When the month of November pass, one eagerly awaits the start of the Christmas Season. To soak into the atmosphere and get into the Christmas spirit, we gleefully accepted the invitation from Shangri La to attend the Gingerbread House Workshop.

It's time to create our very first Gingerbread house!


Holiday in Singapore : Where to stay ?

Being a travel family lifestyle blog, it is an understatement to say that we love travelling and sharing our experiences. We had wrote about various countries and recommended places to stay . As a local , we do take the occasional staycations to experience life in Singapore as a 'tourist' . Being avid travellers who source the internet for travel tips , we thought our insights will be useful for tourists travelling to Singapore too.


SRT Charlotte Web Review

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Have your child read the tale ' Charlotte's Web'?

The tale written by E.B. White in 1952 is considered one of the essential readings for kids throughout the world. Spinning a web of friendship and hope, this magical story endures through the passage of time and is still one of the more popular book a parent would reach for their school going kids. With over 45million copies sold, it is considered a must read book. Today it is even incorporated to local primary school reading programs. To see the story coming alive on stage would be a great way to tell the tale to the younger ones.


November December School Holidays activities for kids (Singapore 2016)

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Where had time flown?

In the blink of an eye, the year had passed us by. Once again, we are heading towards the end of the year.  This will be the time most kids (and parents) would look forward to. With six weeks of vacation , it would be quite tough to keep them occupy during this time... unless you have a big list of Holiday Activities for kids.


Thinkasaur - Science subscription box reviewed

If We were to sum up what Thinkasaur is all about in one line, that would be it .

Thinkasaur is a subscription base science experiments that aims to bring science to your doorstep on a monthly basis. Created with the aim to help children gain critical thinking. , innovation and problem solving skill through science based hands on activities.


Perth for kids - Top 25 activities in Perth and surroundings for kids

The Wacky DuoA

Heading to Perth this year end holiday?

Perth is the most underrated city in Australia. When it comes to planning a holiday for kids in Australia, most would choose the bustling Sydney or the adrenaline theme park filled Gold Coast as choice destination. Perth is probably the fourth or fifth city, one would consider for holidays in Down Under.


Singtel CAST - bringing the big screen to your pocket


Not too long ago , the only way for people to watch the latest programs was on the telly. Before the days of smart phones, WiFi and 4g connectivity, the major source for static entertainment was at the living room where the 29-inch TV sits. Those days, cable TV was the norm and there were a dearth of on-demand shows available .


Good Cop, Bad Cop Parenting - More Bad than Good


Smashing Good Times @ WTA Finals Singapore

#Media Invite

Game, Set , Match!

WTA Finals is back in Singapore!

Featuring the best 8 Women players this season, There is an additional set of 8 quality doubles players, this world class tennis match is now on at the Singapore Indoor stadium from 23rd Oct to 30 Oct.


Halloween Activities for kids (Singapore 2015)

October is a scary month.

No I am not referring to the exams . Rather the end of the month marks Halloween. This is the time for the little spooks comes out to play. Here is a list of  'not so spooky' events for the kids to dress up and scare the living daylights out of the adults.


Staying Protected with an Allergy & Haze Kit


Be Prepared.

I was never a scout, but that has always been my personal motto. Being a cautious Dad, I would be on a constant look out for kits that would be helpful to the family for different situations. One of the situation we had experienced before was haze. Over the recent years, haze had almost been a yearly affair in Singapore. Thankfully this year, the effect of haze diminished due to rainier days and better haze prevention from our neighbor.


Timbre Delivery

The Wacky Duo
It had been quite a while since our last trip to Timbre, but the memories of tasty buffalo wings and cheesy pizzas still lingers . Thus, when Timbre decides to bring their favourite party food to our doorsteps, the glutton in us could not say no. So off we click to Timber website to begin our orders.


SRT Charlotte's Web : Preview + Giveaway


We always look forward SRT's The Little Company production, especially during the year end holiday. This year is no exception. SRT will be back with Charlotte's web.


11 Tips on planning a holiday with kids

The Wacky Duo

School final exams are coming. That can only mean one thing ...

No, we are not talking about the need to start mugging to get good grades. On the contrary we look forward to the end of the exams with the big holiday trip around the corner. 


Book Review : 'Making YouTube Videos'


Haven on Earth : The Haven Resort Hotel and Residence @ Ipoh

The Wacky Duo

One Two Three - Think of a weekend getaway from Singapore.

Penang, Bangkok, Phuket, Bintan are usually the main destinations to pop in most locals mind. Ipoh has been under the rader till now...that is until it was awarded by Lonely Planet as one of the top ten destinations to visit in Asia. With an accolade, it is hard to resist an invitation by the multi award-winning The Haven Resort Hotel and Residence ( The Haven) to immerse in the old world's charm and limestone landscape of Ipoh.


A week in the shoes of a Daddy blogger with the ASUS Zenbook Flip

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Ever wonder how a week goes for a Daddy Blogger ? 

Being one for close to a decade, let me give you an insight of a typical week in my life. Since Mom is working too, my trusty companion for most of the week would be the gorgeous ASUS ZenBook Flip


Fremantle Prison : Doing Time Tour

The Wacky Duo
'You are going to Jail.'

Shivers went down the spines of the boys when they heard that. What have they done wrong during the Perth holiday trip to deserve this?


Ipoh for kids : Top 7 activities for families holidaying in Ipoh , Perak

The Wacky Duo
Will Ipoh, the capital of Perak, be the next weekend escape destination for Singaporeans?
Going to Ipoh is like a step back into time. If old world charm is something you seek, Ipoh would make a choice destination.


Lego Minifigures Series 16 : Feel Guide

The Wacky Duo
Lego Minifigures Series 16 has landed in Singapore. Come and take a peek at how they look like.


Traditional Baked Mooncakes vs Snowskin Mooncakes

Mid autumn festival will be on the 15th of September. This will be the day you take out your lanterns and enjoy a slice or two mooncakes under the full moon.

Before you take the first bite of the mooncake, do you know the difference between traditional mooncakes vs snowskin mooncakes?


'Flip my day' with ASUS Zenbook Flip

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As I sat down one day to think about  what I would write for a post, I thought about the purpose of writing. Penning down my thoughts has now become an addictive hobby.  In fact, I would look forward to creating wacky content for the next post. In a way, it helps me relax and take me away to a spot of solace that I seek from the daily grinds of life.

In short, it makes me happy and 'flips my day'


Protect yourself from Zika Virus ( and other Mozzies related diseases)

Over the weekend , news of Zika Virus spreading in Singapore cause a stir in this tiny red dot. The last count was a staggering 41 confirm infection over 2 days. Given that dengue numbers averages 200-600 per week, this number would only increase on a daily basis.

Compared to the dreaded annual haze which we had experienced on Friday, this is a potentially scarier situation. It is well documented that Zika Virus pose a threat to pregnant women as there is a risk of transmission to the unborn babies, resulting in babies born with abnormally small head ( a disease known as microcephaly)


Pinnacles, Lancelin Dunes and Lobster Shack tour Review

If you had been following us, you would have probably read about our Self Drive Holiday to Perth. During the trip, we took a day tour out of Perth City to explore the Pinnacles and Lancelin Sand Dunes. These are the 2 natural formations reachable within a day from Perth and would make a great day out for Perth visitors.


The Stranger in the Car

The Wacky Duo
It started off like any other day .

Except today we picked a hitchhiker in Singapore. A rare phenomenon in this little red dot.

We were driving out for another outing of the day . The moment we turn out of the estate , an elderly woman stood in the middle of the road and stopped the car on the spot. Seeing that we were immobile , we rolled down the window to talk to her . She stepped forward , headed to the passenger window and asked for a ride .


Introducing Traditional Teochew Mooncakes from Thye Moh Chan

The Wacky Duo
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When the invitation came to review Thye Moh Chan Mooncakes, it was taken with a sense of nostalgia. Thye Moh Chan was my late Father-in-law favourite restaurant in Chinatown Point. The iconic Teochew confectionery is famous for their traditional Tau Sar Piah.


Singapore FIRST Olympic Gold Winner : Joseph Schooling

Source : Rio Olympics

Singapore has put herself on the world map of Sports courtesy of our local swim champ - Joseph Schooling. It is a proud moment for all Singapore. It is not just about the victory of one man, but it is about carrying the hopes and dreams of the nation on his shoulders.


Tips for buying from Kickstarter

Kickstarter is the world's largest for creative projects. You can find innovative projects at a decent price there.

However, I was a sceptic. I had heard stories that projects from Kickstarter would never come to fruition. However the more I explore Kickstarter , the more items caught my eye.


Happy Birthday Singapore

This year National Day will be a little muted for us. Compared to previous years, there was no fireworks chasing, no parade previews , no actual day celebration on Marina Bay Float. After the inclusive SG50 celebrations that we can enjoy even without a ticket, this year NDP seemed to be localised at the National Stadium.


Top 10 Essential Household items for Emergency

 What are the items you absolutely need in the house for emergencies?

Yes we know, there are 24 hours shops in Singapore. You can easily pop into your neighbourhood  7 Eleven should you need any items. Nonetheless, it is good to have the following items available in the household for those pesky moments when you need them IMMEDIATELY.


Whale Watch Augusta @ Margaret River

The highlight of our trip to Margaret River was the Whale Watching Tour we did in Augusta. We are no strangers to Whale Watch, having been to one in Gold Coast Australia.


I want to be REGULAR

'' I want to be regular "
The words uttered by my older son during one of our game of badminton.


The ulitmate family vacuum cleaner : Dyson v8 Fluffy


How to make vacuum cleaning a family activity?

The first Vacuum cleaner was created since 1860. It was one also the first cordless vacuum in history that is powered by hand. Since then, vacuum cleaners had evolved and many makers came into the market trying to gain the lion share of the market.


Self Drive Holiday Perth Blog : A Week Long Adventure

The Wacky Duo
Best. Holiday. Ever

The title would probably be reserved for places like skiing on the snowy Swiss Alps, relaxing on the beautiful sandy beaches of Maldives, a culture filled trip to Europe, or anywhere with Disneyland for the kids. To associate it with Perth would be far fetch in most eyes, especially since Perth was named as one of the 10 worst cities on the planet!


Mcdonald's New Singapore Menu : Don't Say Bo Jio!

Move over Samurai Burger, there is a new burger in town and it not a beefy pushover.

Mcdonald's had been introducing different variants of its menu overseas. There were past renditions in Singapore such as beef and chicken satay burger and beef rendang burger. This year, Mcdonald's had decided to release not one but 5 local versions from it's menu.  It is innovative, but does it pass the discerning local taste test?


SRT The Three Little Pigs Preview + Giveway

Source : SRT The Three Little Pigs Chinese Production
"Little pig, little pig, let me come in."
"No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin."
"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


NEW Marine Cove @ East Coast Park : Playground and Restaurants Guide

After a 4 years hiatus, Marine Cove opens its doors to public once again.

If you had been to the old Marine Cove, you probably remember Mcdonald's, a bowling alley, a mini amusement park with claw machines (where I learn my trade) and a wide array of restaurants. This was the most happening spot in East Coast Park during its heydays. Thus when the time came for it to be demolished, there were heartaches all around Singapore.


Tips on Choosing a Sunscreen for kids

# Adv
Extracted from The Asian Parent

What is the one essential item you need for kids in Singapore for outdoor play?

Answer :



Artisan & Artist Red Label Backpack RDB-BP300 Review

Woo hoo, new camera bag!

As a mirrorless camera fan, I have bought numerous camera bags to fit  my needs. From my favourite Billingham to the tough Wotancraft Etan to the 'one camera- one lens' pouch, I practically have a camera bag for different occasions... well almost. From the array of sling bags, what is missing is a backpack. If you are an avid traveller who likes to take photographs, a backpack might be more suitable in this case for overseas trips.


Father's Day

Someone asked me why do I want to be a dad ?

I chose to complete a family with the one I love . The results are my 2 sons that makes the family . Being a dad is secondary yet it is one I cherish . I did not choose to be a dad , it chose me . I am simply reaping the 'benefits ' ( and the occasional pain) that comes with it .

Happy Father's Day to all daddies !