Sayonara 2013

2013 is on the edge of disappearing. Nonetheless it will be etched into our memories.


Best Places to watch Singapore New Year Eve Fireworks 2014

Countdown over Marina Bay
Christmas may be over, but in less than a week's time, the world will be preparing for another major celebrations... New Year Eve 's Celebration.The celebration will not be completed without a kaleidoscope of Fireworks to light up the sky worldwide. In Singapore, the perennial countdown will happen at the familiar Marina Bay Area.


Merry Christmas !!!

It's Christmas Day...A day we rejoice in the birth of Jesus.
It is also a day to give thanks, celebrate and share the joys and well wishes amongst your love ones.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our family, friends and readers a Blessed Christmas Day!


Writing a will in Singapore

Life Spices

Have you thought about writing a will?

Like many, I have always thought of writing one for the family, however it had never materialised to date. I guess I am not the only one as there are many who had thought about it but NATO ( No Action Talk Only) at the end of the day. As morbid as this topic may get, the reality is that writing a will may be necessary to protect your love ones. We do all that we can as parents to protect and safeguard our children while we are alive. It will be an irony that we undo all that in death without a proper will. Imagine not leaving your assets to the one you meant to protect or to the one that most deserved it. All your well intention when you are alive will come to naught upon your demise.


Pizzeria Mozza - Fine Pizza at MBS

During our window shopping at MBS, we had a sudden yearning for pizza.


Christmas Sugar Mountain@Gardens By the Bay

Garden Angel
Super 'Christmas ' tree
Christmas arrives at Gardens by the Bay.

When we were told that we will be going to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay to see the new Christmas Sugar mountain display, we did not quite know what to expect.

Would there really be a mountain of sugar on display ?


The Journal

The Journal
School is out!

One of the more interesting thing Big C had done in School is the journal. He had to update our journal every other week on his experiences during the weekday. Thereafter it will be a show and tell session in class.


Pitstop : Waterways@Punggol [Kid's Friendly Restaurant]

Pitstop : Waterways Punggol
" Daddy we want to go McDonald's playground , can???"

" Let's try something different today, but I promise got playground ok?"


Choosing a School Bag For Primary One

In about a month's time, Big C be embarking on his Primary One journey. One of the main changes in Primary one would be that he would need a bag to carry his school books. Compared to Kindergarten where he does not bring bag to school, this will be major change in his way of life.


Children Playground @ Gardens by the Bay

FEO children's playground
We are going to tell you a secret... There is a new playground in town. It is one of the largest we have been to date, comprising of 5 different stations catering to children from age 1-12. Best of all, it is free!!!


Perfect 10

I Do

Letters to sons
Dearest boys

It had been 10 years since Daddy said the 2 words that would implicitly resulted in both your existence. To say that time flies is an understatement . With both of you around, it would seemed that time just flashed by. Like the saying goes,' time flies when we are having fun 'and for sure we had been doing that especially when you guys came into the picture.


Jumbo Seafood East Coast Park : Chilli Crabs!

Jumbo seafood
Graduation time, it's time to celebrate!

To mark my preschool graduation, we head down to East Coast Seafood Centre for a seafood feast. It had been quite a while since we had seafood. Having dinner by the sea sounds like an enticing preposition to us.Jumbo seafood was chosen as our dinner venue as it is reputed to be the best Seafood restaurant serving Chilli crabs in Singapore.


Letter to Sons : A Step closer to the Big 40

Letter to sons

Dearest sons

Time waits for no man.

In the blink of an eye, 39 years on my life flashes by me. The early years I cannot remember, the 10s was a prolong waiting game, the 20s was about discovery and the 30s was about change. The last decade I had grown from an individual to be a husband and a father, with my own family to love and treasure.


Legoland Malaysia Hotel Preview

LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel
Are you ready for the ultimate LEGOLAND experience?

Since our last visit to the Water Park, we had our sights fixated at the LEGOLAND Hotel right next to it. Truth be told, if we had our way, we would be the first in line for the opening.


Olympus 12-40mm vs Panasonic 12-35mm

Olympus 12-40mm vs Panasonic 12-35mm
Last week, I have unbashfuly heralded the arrival of the OM-D EM-1 into the abode. With it came a highly regarded beauty- the Olympus 12-40mm f2.8. As of now, the only way you can get your hands on the lens is by getting a package or succumbing to the high resale prices quotes by those who had their hands on this set.


Kids Activities for Dec School Holidays 2013 (Singapore)

The year is coming to an end?

They say time flies while you are having fun, but that does not mean you should stop enjoying yourselves. With the school holidays over the horizon, it is time once again to plan for the activities for the Nov / Dec Holidays ahead. 


Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ [Kid' Friendly Restaurant Review]

Ju Shin Jung West Coast
Eversince our trip to Korea, Mummy had missed authentic Korean food. It has been quite a while since we had korean food (with the exception of food court ) as Korean food does not exactly suit our youthful palates.


Legoland Malaysia Water Park Vs RWS Adventure Cove

Adventure Cove vs Legoland Water Park
By now , you would have known that there are 2 Water Parks around our backyard. RWS Adventure Cove (AC) is located in Sentosa while Legoland Water Park(LWP) is located in Nusajaya, JB Malaysia which is less than 30 minutes away from Singapore. Given the accessibility of these Water Parks to us, it would not be a surprise if one may decide to choose one over the other.


Olympus OM-D EM-1: First impression

Olympus OM-D EM-1 with 12-40mm f2.8


The OM-D EM-1 has landed in Singapore!

When TheWackyDuo.com first started, it ignited my passion in writing. In addition to this, I discovered I love photography especially when it comes with taking photos of the boys. I am no professional, but I love how the photos turn out with my current set up.


Rasa Sentosa Resort Dining : Restaurants Review

Dine on 3
During our Staycation at Rasa Sentosa Resort, we spend the most time at the pool and beach. However the restaurants on the resort came in a close third in terms of the time spend. As such , we think the restaurants located at Rasa Sentosa Resort deserve a little review of their own.
The main restaurants are located at Dine on 3. It is a unique dining concept with a cluster of restaurants and a bar under on roof. The restaurants found are as follows- Silver Shell Cafe, 8 Noodles, Casserole and Barnacles.


Legoland Waterpark Malaysia Review

Media invite

 Introducing the latest LEGOLAND latest incarnation in Asia - LEGOLAND Waterpark Malaysia


Halloween Activities for kids [ Singapore 2013 ]

Halloween is upon us!

An annual event thought to have it's roots from Christianity where it is observed as a day before All Hallows . It is widely celebrated as the spookiest day on the calender. From the darkest corner to the twilight of the road, ghouls of all shapes and sizes take to the streets around the world on 31t October.


My First volunteering experience @ Willing Hearts

The Day before..
Big C Talks
All Photos taken by Big C and Mommy

Have you ever been a volunteer?

It had been quite a while since I last volunteered in any charity work. Timing has always been a stumbling block to my attempts at volunteering. In addition, with two young kids in tow, weekends seem always pack with activities , both plan and unplan. As such volunteering had honestly been place on the back burner.


Burning Books, Tuition and the Happy Index Link

Daddy talk

Recently in the news , there was a case of parents initiating the ritual of burning books to their children. To cut the long story short, they were burning PSLE assessment books upon the completion of their children PSLE.


Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

Fight time

Brothers - Best of Friends or Worse of Enemies?


Rasa Sentosa Resort : Deluxe Pool View Review

Rasa Sentosa Deluxe Pool View room
Following our introduction to our staycation in Rasa Sentosa, we would like to bring you a sneak peek at our Deluxe Pool View Room.


My Daddy (Di)

I am a father of 2 boys.

Since I step into fatherhood, I had tried to make it something my relationship with my father was lacking... to be close to my sons. I would not vouch that I am a success; in fact I get into more uncountable fights with my boys than I did with my Dad. However together with the fights, I get the hugs and kisses too.


Rasa Sentosa Resort Staycation

Shangri La Rasa Sentosa Staycation
It's holiday time. We decided to take it easy during the short 1 week break with a Staycation. Since we like the idea of being away from the mainland, Sentosa became an obvious choice for us.
This is not a sponsored post, all expenses are from our own pocket!


Children's Day activities [Singapore 2013]

Children Day is just around the corner. It may not be a holiday for adults but it is definitely a day to celebrate for little kiddos like us. We bring you 10 Children oriented activities and events leading up to the Children Day's weekend.


Being Sick

Letter to Sons
A Daddy M Original
Dearest Sons
It has been a turbulent past month. In a course of over 30 days, Daddy had been out of commission every other alternate week. It started with flu followed by a bad case of tonsillitis and continued with a bout of food poisoning. The last one month was not enjoyable. I had spend more time hugging the toilet bowl than I had spending time with you.


Ripley's Believe it or Not @ Genting Highlands

Ripley's Believe it or not
As The Wacky Duo, we always have a penchant for quirky stuff. When we stumbled upon Ripley's Believe it or not, we decided that we would like to pay the attraction a visit.
Really... It is not Mom or Dad's idea... believe it or not!


How to find a Good Domestic Helper

Happy Birthday
We celebrated Auntie Tina's birthday last month. Auntie Tina is our helper and she had been with us for almost 2 years replacing Auntie Jumi .


Resort Hotel @ Genting Highlands Malaysia [Review]

The Wacky boys
Time : 5pm
Check in : Resort Hotel @ Genting highlands
Mission : To rest after an excruciating bum hurting 10 hours bus ride from Singapore. Come to think of it, we could very well be in Tokyo now given the time we travelled.


Mid Autumn Festival @ Gardens By the Bay

Mid Autumn Festival comes to the Gardens
Mid Autumn Festival comes to Gardens for the very first time.

From 13th Sep to 22 Sep, Gardens by the Bay will be illuminated by a dazzling array of lantern displays, cultural performances and activities to celebrate 中秋节. The Festival features a fascinating array of lanterns lighting up the Gardens from the Silver Garden all the way around the edge of the Dragonfly through to the Meadow Bridge. Don't miss the surprise highlight at the Supertree Grove.
And the good news?


Melissa & Doug Multi Activity Play Table [Review]

For my birthday, I received a surprise from my parents. They had bought me a table!

Whoopie... I got a kickass table for birthday. Er... Dad , this does not sound right???!!!???


Genting for kids 云顶马来西亚

With the September holidays around the corner, those planning a short trip up north will always have Genting on the radar. Recently there were news that the Outdoor theme park in Genting will be closed for 3 years from Sep 1st for a complete revamp to morph into a 20th Century Fox theme park.
In the meantime, parents with kids will be wondering if it is still worthwhile to bring their children up the mountains for a short getaway. It seems like Genting had been synonymous with family getaway for decades. It is usually a must do milestone for families in Singapore, a rite of passage that all parents with kids need to take. If they survive the 8-10 hours trip to Genting on the bus with the kids, they would have pass the Genting Test.


Mid Autumn Festival 2013 in Singapore [ 中秋节 新加坡 ]

Mid Autumn or Mooncake Festival is just round the corner. This year the festival falls on 19th September 2013. The Festival is synonymous with mooncakes, lanterns and moonwalks. It is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, during a full moon. Since 19th September falls on a weekday, the celebrations will be held the week prior on 14/15 September.
We bring you the top 5 places to indulge in moonwalking during this festival.


The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum @ Singapore Chinese Garden

Let's go to the Chinese Gardens!
It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, with clear sky and warm sunshine. It is a good opportunity for us to explore an enclave in the West known as the Singapore Chinese Gardens.


The LONG and SHORT of Growing Up


There comes a point in time when you realised that you child is growing up. You know the moments when you go "Wow, he is a big boy now " type of scenario. It could be a visible milestone such as walking or growing taller, or a verbal one like making sentences and asking questions. It could also come in different forms and shapes you least quite expected.


Tokyo Holiday Planner for kids

Winter Tokyo

Holiday beckons  

As the end if the year draws near, it is time to have another vacation. This year we deliberately have more vacations both short and long, near and far. The reason for this extensive travel - it would be the last year Big C is going be in pre-school. Going forward, we do foresee with his Primary school days looming in the horizon, taking a holiday may not be as flexible as how we are doing today.


Kid's activities for September School Holidays 2013 (Singapore)

What another holiday!!!

It seems like June Holidays was just yesterday and now September School Holidays is upon us. It may only be a week long, but there are activities galore during this holiday starting from 7th to 15 Sept. This is the week reserved for most students to gear up on the final exams. Nevertheless all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Don't know what to do this holiday?


Primary one registration 2015 : Changes and impact

Daddy talk

Our elder boy had just completed his admission to primary school this year. During this year admission, there were a lot of noises made regarding the criteria for primary school admission. There were instances where after Phase 2A2 ,only a handful of spaces were left for those staying around the school. It had led to a belief that unless you are connected to the school via siblings, alumni or being an ex - student, the chances of getting into a popular school will be a distant dream, even for those staying within 50 meters of the school.


Blue Mountain : Activity Tour Review

The final attraction to wrap up our Sydney adventure is the Day trip to Blue Mountain. There were many tour groups going to Blue Mountain and we decided to use Activity Tour for this day trip.
Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house


3 is divine

Letter to Son

Three is Divine

In August, the nation celebrates its birthday. At the same month, the baby of the family celebrates his special day.

Three years ago on this very date, Little Lou was bought into this world. It seemed like only yesterday when I was cradling a tiny little baby in the hospital, holding him tight and keeping him warm in a swaddle of clothes. There in my arms lies one so innocent and pure.


Happy 48th Birthday Singapore!

We wish Singapore a Happy Birthday
Happy birthday my beloved motherland
You are 48th today, but you look better than when you where 18.
We may miss the chance to celebrate with you at the National Day Parade,
but we will always remember you on this date.


Australian Museum : Hype Park

Entrance to Australian Museum
It was suppose to be a day reserved for whale watching. Unfortunately our whale watching trip was cancelled due to bad weather. Since Sydney offers a lot of alternative opportunities for sight seeing, we decided to venture to the Australian Museum.


NDP 2013 Funpack revealed

The Bag
National day is just a week away.
For the privilege few who get to watch the NDP live, here is a little peek at what you will receive for the day - The NDP Funpack


Go Wild @ Taronga Zoo Sydney

Zoo Express
As part of our Sydney Escapade , we decided to take a trip down to the famed Taronga Zoo. Our parents had been to Sydney a few times, but this is their first to the Zoo. Being a new destination for the family, we look forward to the day ahead.


Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium : Review

The Sydney adventures continues with a review of Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. This is the final attractions we visited at Darling Harbour. TheSea life Aquarium forms part of the trio of attractions managed by Merlin. The other two are the Sydney Wild Life and Madame Tussads Sydney.


Sydney Tower Eye : Review from the sky

Spot the Sydney Tower Eye
Want to see Sydney in 30 Mins?

Given that we are only at Sydney for a week, to view most of Sydney in a week is almost not possible... but it is not impossible!


NDP Fireworks @ Bay East Gardens

Fireworks @ Bay East Gardens
Fireworks Seasons is upon us!
The month running up to National Day on Aug 9 promises weekly Fireworks every Saturday from 810pm onwards.


Best Places to watch NDP Fireworks 2013

Fireworks Over Marina Bay
National Day is coming in 20 days' time. Thus the season for Fireworks begins.


D-link DCS 5020L Review

D-Link 5020L
Daddy talk

 Techie Thursday is back!


Madame Tussads Sydney : Review

Madame Tussauds Sydney
"Let's go meet some stars!"

We thought we are heading to some observatory to see some faraway stars, little did we know we could catch them at Darling Harbour instead.